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 …and thousands of satisfied individuals and small businesses worldwide


Vastu is Yoga for Your Home. Vastu eliminates the stress in your home or office that blocks your success, productivity and well-being. Through easy, practical suggestions and remedies, once implemented, the results and improvements to your health, finances, relationships and career are truly transformative. No remodeling required.

Your online consultation with Michael Mastro–Vastu practitioner, award-winning author, Vedic scholar and teacher–includes all the products, recommendations and instructions you need to experience improvements in your health, finances, relationships and career.


Ancient science meets modern living...this is the Way of Vastu

At Vastu Creations, our mission is to improve the quality of your life through Vedic wisdom adapted to our contemporary lifestyle. With over 50+ years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, students, and customers, we strive to bring the benefits of this life-changing knowledge to the West.

We offer home and office consultations, astrological insight, educational courses leading to practitioner certification, and products that support your optimum success and well-being.
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Transform your home and workspace to eliminate the blocks to your productivity and success

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Immerse yourself in the transformative energy of Vedic knowledge, from introductory level courses through practitioner certifications

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Specialized items designed to reduce the stress in your life and enhance your well-being

Who We Are and What We Do

Michael and Robin are considered two of the foremost practitioners, scholars, teachers and authors of Vedic knowledge in the West. They have dedicated their lives to support others personal growth and well-being through their research and offerings.
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         Michael Mastro 

First Financial Resources (FFR)

     Robin Mastro

Co-founder & CVO 

     Co-founder & CEO

Loved by Homeowners
& Corporate Clients

Jyoti Shukla

Senior Vice President of Sirius XM/Pandora

“Michael has come to several of my offices at Nordstroms and it’s resulted in so much positivity and good energy. He also did Vastu for me when I was as Starbucks and at Microsoft. My career has gone to great places and a lot of it has to do with Michael…I highly recommend him.”

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Founder and Medical Director of

The Academy for Integrative Medicine

“Michael did a Vedic astrology reading for me and I am so appreciative. Michael does this in such a beautiful way and I can’t recommend him more. He’s also done my husband’s chart and my children’s charts because of the big impact it’s made in my life. I also did a Vastu Consultation to open up that energy and that makes a huge difference…it’s invaluable!”
Mike Patel, Principle and COO 
Marquee Hospitality (hotel chain in the Midwest US) 
“I understand the importance of balancing the five elements through Vastu. I’m grateful for Michael’s service of balancing the elements in my home and my hotels. I can definitely see the improvement in health and wealth.”
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