30 Mar

I believe that there are men in the world who understand how to love a woman in a way that makes her eyes shine and her heart sing—and I believe a woman can take charge of her life and use her power to attract that type of man.

Before meeting Michael I had been married twice and divorced twice. When I met Michael I was a single mother raising a small toddler. I was drifting toward depression. I carried spiritual principles in my heart but my mind struggled to figure things out. One evening I broke down—the bills were mounting, lawyers were telling me to focus on my divorce, I was alone with diapers to change and responsibilities to tend. I surrendered and the divine—call it God, Universal Good, Jesus, Muhammad, there are many names—took hold of my life. A shift occurred within me.

I desired to know why my relationships with men weren’t working. It seemed impractical but my heart still longed to be loved. A few of us single women friends formed a group and engaged in a process that aligned our actions with key universal principles. It felt good and it wasn’t long after that Mike and I became a couple. The rest, as they say, is history.

We strongly believe that everyone has the power to take charge of their life and attract their soulmate. Vastu is an amazing tool for accomplishing your goal.  We experienced it in the beginning of our relationship and continue to experience it. The power of love has created a wonderful life for us. We have it all. Our dream house, three beautiful children, two award-winning books, and three lucrative businesses we created from our passions that focus on service to others.

If you are committed to finding your love then we hope you spend time with us so we can help you attract Mr. Right.