30 Mar

When it comes to Mr. Right most women’s lives are cluttered with messages that say: he doesn’t exist, he’s long lost, there’s not enough men, or he’s with someone else. Today’s women are becoming weary of meaningless dating and fruitless relationships.

Making Room for Mr. Right is a dating and relationship book that uses the principles of Vastu to teach and inspire women to release their inhibitions and stress about finding their soulmate and focuses instead on making preparations to receive love in a whole new way.

He’s out there and he’s waiting for you to create a harmonious and happy life, within yourself and with him.

Drawn from the ancient science of bringing harmony and fulfillment into your life and home, Vastu, recognized experts Robin and Mike Mastro introduce nine action steps that will help you achieve the loving and lasting relationship of your dreams.

You’ll also meet Lori, Sasha, and Faith, composites of real women who have had their share of relationship struggles but have applied the Mastro’s techniques and created happy lives.  Unknowingly, these women blocked true love from entering their lives by dating men who weren’t fulfilling, and filling their lives with the baggage of disappointment, troubled childhoods, and loneliness.  Like Lori, Sasha, and Faith you will learn how to retrain your mind to welcome a love relationship as well as how to prepare your home to attract intimacy with your soulmate.

Making Room for Mr. Right is a unique relationship book that will unlock the secrets of attracting the harmonious love relationship that you desire. Your heart will sing and be filled with joy, at last.