30 Mar

In Robin & Michael Mastro’s groundbreaking new book, MAKING ROOM FOR MR. RIGHT, they tailor three of the ancient tenets of Vastru Shastra to inspire people to be proactive about making room for their soul mate. The Mastros say Vastu is yoga for relationships. Vastu eliminates the stress in finding a mate.

Vastu Shastra is not a religion or a path, but a method that includes the use of natural energy to achieve well being. It is one of the texts found in the Vedas, an ancient body of knowledge from India, and it was created seven thousand to ten thousand years ago by enlightened masters who observed and documented the workings of the universe. Because these workings, or natural laws, are universal, they still work today. And when you learn to apply them in your home or office—or wherever you spend considerable amounts of time—your life will flourish.

In MAKING ROOM FOR MR. RIGHT, Robin and Michael Mastro weave the principles of an unrestricted energy flow, the elimination of stress, and the belief that one’s actions and beliefs greatly impact one’s world, into an informative and enlightening guide that is full of intriguing exercises and step-by-step instructions. Using a blend of spirituality, sacred science, and a compelling narrative storyline of three women who explore Vastu Shastra together, the Mastros cover a wide range of provocative topics, including:

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– Making Room: Clearing out the Stuff in your Space
– The Process of Attraction: Opening the Internal Pathway
– The Power of the Full Moon Altar: Igniting the Source
– The Relationship Altar: Your Daily Connection to the Divine
– Yantras & Mantras: The Tools of Attraction
– Enhancing Your Environment: Through Color, Crystals, Gems, and Scents
– Treating Yourself Right: Bringing Balance to Mind, Body & Spirit
– Fine-Tuning Your Environment: A Green Living Solution
– Appreciation & Blessings: Creating Harmony
– Creating Love: Through Power and Purpose
– & Many More…

“Renewed my faith in the fact that you can take action to get everything you want in life, including true love.” ~ Jodi Lipper, author

“Well-written and enlightening.” ~ Malena Lott, Athenas Book Shelf

“Step-by-step outlines of processes that help create balance and beauty in your home – and now your relationships – provide pathways to reach your goals. I highly recommend all of the Mastro books if you want to create harmony in your life.” Five-Star Rated ~ Michael M., www.bookbargainsandreviews.com

With its in-depth and thoughtful exploration of the effect that the principles and practices of Vastu Shastra have on personal growth and relationships, MAKING ROOM FOR MR. RIGHT is sure to become the definitive and invaluable guide to a philosophy of better living. In fact—this book could literally change your life.