30 Mar

Doubts can happen even when your heart yearns to be in a loving relationship. You meet someone and put yourself out there. There’s a strong attraction and you find yourself falling for the guy. Then something happens and you discover he just doesn’t see who you really are or he’s just not that into you. You’re hurt. You might think there is something wrong with you. Were you not paying close enough attention to the signals? How could this have happened to you? With these and other self-defeating thoughts running through your mind, you might feel you lack the ability to make true love happen. You feel confused and then disappointment sets in. You think about throwing away the newly found principles you’ve just learned reading Making Room for Mr. Right. Just the thought of trying again puts a pinch in your heart.

What do you do?

Disappointment brings disillusionment, doesn’t it? The truth is you could be closer to finding your man than you think. Giving up now might seem easier than continuing to believe that you have a soulmate. But will giving up get you what you really want?

This is a chance to be courageous; an opportunity to move forward with greater love for self and to choose love first rather than to accept the belief that what you experienced with Mr. Almost-the-One was all there is out there for you. Although the package seemed right, the inside may have been different from what you expected. Refine your list so that the attributes that were missing in Mr. Almost-the-One are in your Mr. Right.

Try this…

Surrender all your uncertainties to the divine and trust the process. Release the control and let go of the fear that you will always be alone. Tell the Universe “I have learned what I needed from this experience and don’t need to learn this lesson again.” And you won’t. Take a deep breath and let it go. What do you really have to lose? There are no mistakes, just interesting lessons when it comes to surrendering to the divine and drawing your soulmate to you.

It’s important to have faith. You must open your heart and try again. This is a spiritual path to discovering love with an open heart. Be proud that you found someone who almost fit Mr. Right, it only means you are closer to finding him.

It becomes that simple when love is real. The bottom line is who you are is enough, too. You just need to know that and trust it. Let love grow within you for you. It is the energy that will draw him to you. It truly does come through you loving you. It has an appeal that no one can deny. It’s my prayer for you that you just breathe that in and believe in that.

Loving you,