30 Mar

Within the chapters of Making Room for Mr. Right is an ongoing story featuring three friends named Faith, Lori, and Sasha. Based on a compilation of many real women we’ve worked with over the years, these characters and their stories model some of the classic relationship and dating struggles women experience with men.

Are you anything like them?

Lori is a divorced single mom in her forties. She’s always been over committed and busy – her two girls, her full time job, the yoga class she teaches on the weekends, her spiritual practice, all her friends…there’s always something happening. But, is she keeping busy to cover up sadness and unresolved disappointment in how her marriage turned out?

Sasha is thirty something. Her childhood was troubled and she escaped into movies and reruns when life seemed simpler, more perfect. She doesn’t date much, is a self-subscribed workaholic, and is into collecting anything and everything. Her small apartment overflows with too much stuff. There’s hardly a place to sit, but does it fill the loneliness, or just cover it ever so slightly?

Faith is in her fifties and loving her independence. She has an eclectic array of women friends and has tried online dating, because she really would like to be in a committed relationship. The problem is her attempts at dating have been washouts. As each relationship cooled and the men stopped calling, she would pursue them, which left her feeling empty. She’d retreat back into her work to hide from her shame and embarrassment. She mused that she would give her own kids better advice than she gave herself.