30 Mar

Making Room for Mr. Right is full of informative and enlightening easy-to-do exercises and step-by-step instructions that will bring you passionate and healthy relationships.

What Are Some Initial Steps To Make a Happy and Healthy Relationships Happen?

Here are two powerful yet simple things you can do right now to get things moving to attract a loving relationship.

  1. Re-train Your Mind to Welcome Healthy Relationships

    We want you to keep your energy moving up to open your heart and energize the possibilities for more love and happiness in your life…right? Whenever you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, just stop and say, “No thanks. I want to think about something loving.” And then focus on that. You are re-training a habit, a tendency. Let’s make a new habit of loving thoughts…you’ll feel better inside and out!
  2. Prepare Your Home to Attract Intimacy and Healthy Relationships

    We’ll introduce you to four very potent attraction symbols called yantras in Making Room for Mr. Right and teach you how to use them to attract a wonderful man. Yantras are physical designs that actually emit energy. There are thousands of these symbols and each one has a specific purpose.

a) The Moon Yantra is a powerful symbol for attracting love  relationships. It also aids in successful communication and draws to you to your heart’s desires. Go to the Free Yantras & Mantras page and download the Moon Yantra. Once printed, cut out the square design from the paper. You will place this yantra face up in the exact center under your mattress, either between it and the box springs or on the floor. Once placed, let it work its magic.

b) No one likes to wake up tired, but if you have a mirror opposite your bed, it might be a huge reason why. When you sleep, stress and tiredness leave your body. A mirror on the opposite wall from your bed throws that stress and low energy right back on to you. Either remove the mirror or cover it with a silk scarf at night. Silk has a protective quality to it and the silk scarf actually blocks negativity. You’ll sleep better and wake up more refreshed.