30 Mar

The greatest love advice we can give you is to know who you want your Mr. Right to be. Most women don’t take the time to figure this out.

WhoIsMySoulmate_2He’s your heart’s desire formed into a human being. Someone you can be yourself with who sees you as perfect just as you are. He can be funny or serious adorable or silly chatty or quiet but he’s yours. The feeling of love is mutual…fulfilling and simple. Even if life seems complicated, when you’re together, it feels so sweet and effortless.

It takes time, dedication, and, yes, work to figure out what you want your soulmate to be. Then surprisingly, one day that person—your soulmate– walks into your life. You’ll know him right away (because of your list) and there will be no question he’s the one. It happened to us.

Making Room for Mr. Right guides you through this process and more so you can attract an intimate and fulfilling relationship. Guaranteed.

These are characteristics of our friend Lori’s Mr. Right. What are yours? The book offers specific love advice on what work you need to do to get the best list for you!