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The Ultimate Protection Pendant

The Ultimate Protection Pendant guards you from the dangerous influences of harmful radiation.

Are you suffering from:

Sleep Issues



Brain Fog or Trouble Focusing

A Compromised Immune System

Contributing factors could be:

* 5G Cell Towers placed throughout your neighborhood

* Wire-Free Routers at home and work

* Smart Meters that transmit radio gas/water/power usage to city utility departments

We created a powerful pendant to protect your immune system against these electro-magnetic frequencies that are bombarding our world today.

The specially designed silver locket from Bali contains:

–> Paramagnetic material that transforms the harmful frequencies into a form of energy your body can utilize optimally

–> Planetary Yantras specific to your personal astrological chart (see below) support and strengthen improvements in your health, relationships, finances, career advancement and opportunities

–> Sent to you via USPS

A one-year Vedic astrological reading contains:

–> A forecast of the next 12 months

–> Specific remedies you can do that address and protect you from the challenges that show up in your personalized Vedic chart sent to you via email

–> Planetary Yantras specific to your chart are contained in the Protective Pendant

–> Sent to you via email


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