Vastu Creations

It is Your Light that Lights the Worlds

This is the leap needed for transformation and for movement from darkness into the light...

Our world has been in the throes of enormous change and uncertainty. Many feel the stress from this upheaval has become a way of life, inhabiting their bodies and minds.

At this moment, our global story, the outcome of this tumult, is unwritten.

The question is…

How do we shift from patterns of fear and tension to ones of grounded strength and forward motion, gaining power and protection from the Source of All That Is?

Our collective story is on the precipice of change. Either we surrender to a new paradigm, willing to join in a new creation, or we accept the rigidity and fear-induced values of the past that no longer serve us.

This is an individual and collective decision. Shall we illuminate the future, or retreat to the past? Will we become the lights we have prayed to become for lifetimes, or do we accept the beliefs that we, as individuals, are powerless and too imperfect to create the change needed that will impact generations to come.

We have had choices to make and healing to do as we waited in the shadows of our own becoming. Now is time for us to be proactive, to illuminate the steps needed to move forward, and become one with all the other lights on this planet. We must join one another in love.

“My heart to your heart, my love to your love. We are one heart, we are one love”…together.

To aid you during these uncertain times, Michael and I have two offerings to assist you in maintaining your energetic field so that you feel empowered and protected as you move forward:

The EMF Protection Pendant and the EMF Protection Pendant with Astrological Remedies.

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We look forward to serving you,

Robin & Michael

– The title is a quote by Rumi

– Quote from Mother Mary (My heart to your heart…) as channeled by Danielle Gibbons