Vastu Creations

Setting Intentions for a Successful Workspace

Vastu is a 7,000-10,000 year old science used to align your environment to the forces of nature. With this alignment comes increased productivity, success, and well-being.

Once the stress in the environment has been removed, you experience this alignment as the sensation of flowing with the current of a stream rather than against it. With less physical and energetic resistance, the tension in our lives has room to release, creating more opportunities for success to flow to us with a greater sense of ease.

This week, during our Mantra Mondays (Live 11 am PST every Monday on Facebook and Instagram), Michael and I will share our knowledge of Vastu, to help you arrange your workspace. We will work together to optimize your energetic resources that magnetize success and reduce the stress that blocks that positive energy flow.



Before we meet for Mantra Mondays, set aside time to determine what the word fulfillment means to you. This is a personal discovery as desires and hopes look completely different for every person.

Keep in mind fulfillment does not come from the level of the mind, nor from the ever-changing daydreams, wants, and cravings it provides.

When thinking of what makes us feel fulfilled, we are in search of a deep knowing, beyond the cravings of the mind. That feeling of fulfillment that comes from the longings of the heart, your dreams, and your desires waiting to be realized. These desires must be worth every step that it will take to reach the outcome you’ve always known you deserve.

Consider this process as a portal to those heart’s desires…


You may want to have a pad of paper and pen close by before initiating this process.

* Begin by closing your eyes and breathing in deeply through the nose and out through the mouth for a few moments. The breath will help you relax the mind.

* Feel the region of the heart as you breathe. Now bring your hands to the heart region and place them there, open palms, one over the other.

* Ask yourself to be shown those deeper desires. They may come as visions, or sensations within the body, even words that bubble up.

* You can take the paper and pen and write down what you feel, hear, or see. It may be that nothing comes for the first few times you do this process, but eventually, something will shift and there will be a sense of clarity, an “altered” sensation of expansion, or guidance that fills in the void of not knowing.

* Go with that feeling…keep asking for what is next for you to know and write down what comes.

* Keep going with this practice and see what happens over time.

It is not so much that you succeed or fail at this process, there is no right or wrong way to do this. The important thing is that you remain resolute to take the action to open the pathways for guidance to offer you what is next, that comes from a sense of knowing –of feeling– you are connected to what supports the fulfillment you desire.

Trust you are connecting to a deeper level of spirit, your higher self, and beyond that…to the realm of the unseen that wants you to know you are never alone; you are never without guidance from that which is always there for your support if you but trust.

Working With Your Work Space


We like to view the workspace as its own type of altar, a place that you create and bring dreams to reality.

Almost all of us have a space where we go to focus, be it school or work — creative or analytical. Once you have established your desires and set your intentions, it’s time to set up that space so that it supports your ongoing success and growth!

This sacred space will be a conduit similar to an electrical outlet, where you “plug into” unseen forces that can help guide your actions as you create/work. If your work is more physically oriented, you can still use the steps given during our Live Mantra Monday via Instagram and Facebook to set up your work/activity space!

Make sure to take time to reflect on how you feel both before and after your new arrangement that we will talk you through on Monday. This allows you to take note of any shifts in your energy or opportunities that come to you once you have created a Vastu-oriented workspace.

Mantra for Monday


We will be reintroducing the Ganesh Mantra. Ganesh is the remover of all obstacles. To learn more about this Mantra, read about it in our previous blog, Vedic Tools to Balance Self.

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Phonetic: Om Gung (rhymes with “rung”) Gana-pat-ta-yay Na-ma-ha

Please reach out and let us know how it goes! We love to hear not only about your successes but also your challenges along the way. We’re here to work collaboratively in fine-tuning your physical environment to support your true desires.

This week we’ll begin setting up a time during our Mantra Mondays to respond to a few emails that are more universal in nature that can be of help not only to you but to others. So please email us with any questions you may have to with the subject line “Mantra Mondays Question”. Let’s work together as a community to support each other through our challenges and individual needs and desires.

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Until Monday, let’s continue to clear out the clutter and create room for your dreams to manifest,