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Enlivening the Support of Nature to Protect You and Your Environment

During March, we have looked at all kinds of ways to create sacred space within our homes, workspaces, and within ourselves.

So far this month we’ve covered: 1) Clearing the clutter 2) Balancing the elemental energy 3) Setting up your workspace for success 4) How to perform a space clearing ceremony

The final week of March will be dedicated to enlivening the support of nature to protect your health and increase happiness and well-being…and more!

Before we dive in deep, don’t forget that this Saturday, March 27th at 11am (PDT) we’ll be hosting our 3rd Full Moon Altar Activation Ceremony on Zoom. To receive the link, please register here.

Your registration will come with a new eBook ~ our Mantra Mondays Guide, that includes all the mantras that we have chanted thus far during our Mantra Mondays and a new mantra we will chant together during the activation ceremony on the full moon! The link also includes the “Create a Full Moon Altar for Abundance in all Things” eBook that will assist you in making your Full Moon Altar for the ceremony if it’s your first time! Don’t feel pressured to create your very own altar…the one we will be activating during the ceremony is for everyone in our community.

Now, let’s discuss how Nature is enlivened through ancient ceremonies and practices.


During our upcoming Mantra Mondays, we’ll introduce how new technological advancements, like our computers and other electrical devices inside and outside our homes, adds stress to our physical environment, affecting our health, productivity, and well-being — and what we can do to circumvent this growing problem.

We’ll be sharing ancient wisdom about these sacred ceremonies, healing sounds and energetic balancing devices:

  • Yagyas – a public fire ceremony used to purify the environment such as planetary changes affecting you or the planet

  • Homas – a private ritual ceremony to sanctify a home, or used as part of a wedding celebration

  • Mantras that can assist with balancing these energies. Micheal uses specific planetary mantras that are connected to the planetary yantras that balance the planets and aspirations that influence each of the directions

  • Yantras – the physical, geometric or numerical representation of a sound/vibration or mantra

So, how can you get started with strengthening the support of nature? Through the placement of the 5 elements in each direction!

In the southeast, we suggest adding a fire element, such as a salt lamp or candle…it can be battery operated if you have small children or pets. In the northwest, place an air element inside or outside, such as wind chimes. The water element goes in the northeast and can be in the form of a water fountain (even a small tabletop variety) or bowl of purified water. Lastly in the southwest, an earth element like potted plants or crystals. Also, heavy furniture, like bookcases or pianos, can go in this area of your home and add to the grounding influence in this direction. Always keep the central area clear of clutter. You can hang a 20mm faceted, clear, round crystal and hang it from a red string in increments of 9” to keep the energy moving if your central area feels dark, closed off, or stagnant in any way.


Why do we do these things? To receive the support of Nature.


The above suggestions bring nature’s support into your environment. Unfortunately, since the advent of technological advancements, we have additional challenges that are caused by satellites and electrical pollution creating a new kind of 21st-century stress on our bodies, and since it is our mission to help you –our clients, fans, and friends– reduce the stress in your lives, we have created some rather amazing products that will help to reduce the impact of this new type of ecological stress that continues to affect our lives.

Research shows that 4G, 5G, and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) activity affects our physiology — showing up as cancer, sleep issues, brain fog, headaches, ADD issues in children. ADD not only affects their focus and productivity, it affects the focus and productivity of adults, as well.

You can also see the effects of EMF (which includes 4G and 5G) activity present in autoimmune challenges, stress, and heightened emotional sensitivities.

As mentioned before, we at Vastu Creations have created some highly effective products to assist in minimizing these unseen forces that are constantly running rampant through our environment and impacting us in ways that are visible through our health and ability to focus and function optimally.

First up, we have the Whole House EMF Protection Plug that neutralizes EMFs coming from all electrical devices inside the home, as well as those coming from the outside of the home. You simply plug it into the wall and you’re set! This EMF Plug is for US customers only because of its design. Many of our users reported seeing results in just a few days. Below is a testimonial…

Yesterday AM (3rd day after using Plug-In), upon awakening, I immediately realized I did not experience tinnitus, and the house felt “calm.” I did not “feel” the EMFs at all, the fridge did not bother me and the sound emitted did not appear to be “loud” as before.

I have been sleeping and feeling much better. The tingling in my arms while holding my phone has disappeared. The whole house has a much better feel. I have more energy and my wife and I have started working out again. With better sleep and extra energy, it is so much easier to accomplish our goals.

JW – Carlsbad CA

Another popular product we have for eliminating the effects of EMFs is our EMF House or Car USB. This product is recommended for those living outside the US but can be used in the US as well. Plug the EMF House or Car USB into any USB outlet in the home or car. As with the Whole House EMF Plug, it protects you and your family from radiation inside the home and, as an extra bonus, while driving your car! Here’s what one of our customers had to say from Boston…

Every time I got in my Prius I felt a headache coming on, especially after an hour of driving. With the EMF House or Car USB Plug, I notice I am not having headaches anymore. Thank you.”

AL – Boston MA

We’re so excited about these offers and


we know you’re going to love them!


We’ll be launching our Special Product Offer right after Mantra Mondays,

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Don’t forget to join us for our FREE Full Moon Altar Ceremony on Saturday (3/26) and the gifts that come with it when you register. We also can’t wait to tell you more about how to naturally balance the energy in your home during our Mantra Mondays, also FREE on Facebook on Instagram Live Mondays at 11am (PDT).

So many exciting things coming up for us and our community!!

We’ll see you on Saturday and Monday, and please don’t forget to register for the Zoom event and send the link to your friends so they can experience the magic of manifestation with you.

Until I see you again, continue to shine brightly,