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April: Reconnecting With the Divine

The overall theme for April is rebirth and reconnecting us to our innate nature, the creative Divine Feminine energy. It’s all about opening and awakening to our power…the power of Divine Love and expressing that love creatively. There will be bumps along the way throughout April, but we are stronger than ever before and willing to step into the fire to be reborn anew.

If you are familiar with the temperance card in the common tarot deck, she signifies balance, compromise, compassion, and discernment. She stands with one foot in the water and the other on the land, representing the balance of the earth’s grounding quality and water’s ability to flow.

The concept of temperance comes to mind when I think about the time we are approaching, it is a time of Knowing. We have emerged from darkness and bring with us the gift of resilience that we have honed through this time of transition. We are entering our time of re-birth; of emerging with new awareness and sourcing our power through love, reconnected to our own divinity.

The more that we connect with the Divine through sacred practices that enrich our spiritual growth (meditation, breathing, mantras, yantras, Vedic altars, etc), the more we will find our balance and resilience while strengthening our discernment and compassion for ourselves and others. We’ll also begin to notice that we are more willing to compromise for the good of all, grounded in integrity that comes from knowing ourselves more deeply.  

These qualities align our body and soul to the Divine Mother, and our connection opens to the grace and ease that She provides. It is as if we are flowing with the river of life that sustains us. Our path of power is illuminated through love and the creative force as we awaken to the aspects of ourselves that have been waiting to be reborn.

Last month was all about renewal and preparation…this month is our coming-out party!


In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re celebrating the enlivened energies of Spring. Our flowers are blooming and the trees are bursting with leaves, but with all things comes balance. Those in the Southern Hemisphere are entering their fall months, experiencing dying leaves, less light, and colder temperatures for some.

The truth is, opposites are always occurring on our planet simultaneously, just as there lives duality within ourselves and those around us.

This month, we celebrate our differences and find space for acceptance within our world, ourselves, and one another. With a gentler attitude, more allowing, and less rigidity, we move towards transformation. We’ll begin to effortlessly release qualities, feelings, and habits we have outgrown. We know and understand now, what doesn’t serve us — dogma, judgment, criticism, anger, righteousness, manipulation, secrets— and move into a space of higher vibration with more compassion, love, kindness, understanding, and optimism.


During our next Mantra Mondays on April 5th, we will begin balancing our energy centers through the Chakra Clearing Sound Meditation, chanting the mantras associated with the chakras that are also connected to enlivening the five elements within us.

We’ll also be chanting the following mantras:

Mrytunjaya Mantra to support our health and immunity

Lakshmi Mantra to celebrate the Divine Feminine power and our abundant nature

Saraswati Mantra to celebrate our creative spark and expression in the world

Ganesh Mantra to eliminate the obstacles to our innate power

Gayatri Mantra to call on the energy of The Mother Goddess for her benevolent support and love

It was brought to our attention during our Full Moon Altar Ceremony, that some of you aren’t able to see our Mantra Mondays because you are not on Instagram or Facebook.

Since hearing this, we have decided to also include the Mantra Mondays replay on our YouTube page!

Here is the link to our latest Mantra Mondays (3/29 )on YouTube.

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We also got a special request to include the healing mantra in this blog post that we chanted during our Full Moon Ceremony this past weekend.

Dhanvantari is the Hindu god of medicine and the father of Ayurveda. According to legend, Dhanvantari rose out of the ocean bearing with him a cup filled with the elixir of immortality, which is called soma.

Mantra: Om Dhanvantari Namaha

Phoenetic: Om Dan-van-tree Na-ma-ha


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We’re excited for this time of rebirth and to share with you through our Mantra Mondays and weekly blogs. We can’t wait to see what this season of change brings for us all.

Until Monday, we wish you lots of love and light…

Keep shining brightly!