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Mantras for Awakening in May

May is almost here! We’re excited to offer you the new theme for the month of May…Awakening.

This theme is appropriate considering Jupiter is slowing down in Aquarius, which offers opportunities for people to take back their power; power that has been co-opted for lifetimes on this planet. This awakening will bring about freedom, freedom to rectify imbalances, and the impact needed to make this change not only occur, but last. This transit is affecting us into September and beyond, so now is the perfect time for all of us collectively to awaken from the dream of inequality and lack and move into a new paradigm, one of awakening!

There is a flow between this theme and those we have already covered in the last few months. March was a time of renewal, where we prepared and cleared our bodies, minds, and spaces of all that stood in the way of our becoming. April was the month of rebirth, where we immersed ourselves into the energies of being in the flow, creativity, and our connection to the divine feminine principle. And now, we have reached the month of awakening. We are able to see more clearly what we have begun to clear from lifetimes of collective agreements about our worth, our sense of value, purpose, and our connection to one another. Now it is time to expand our sacred space as we dive deep within our internal space.

In the month of May, we will be exploring the following:


Week 1 May 7 Newsletter: Balance and Stability

Week 2 May 14 Newsletter: Healing Relationships

Week 3 May 21 Newsletter: Exploring Your Purpose

Week 4 May 29 Newsletter: Working on Inner Connection & Grounding

Following each newsletter, we’ll be talking about these topics in our Mantra Mondays on Instagram and Facebook Live.

What is an Awakening?

A lot of us have been “asleep” for a long time. Believing in limitations that only exist in the mind, believing that we are not good or worthy enough to be blessed by the divine. Adopting societal norms as our own norms. Following certain religious perceptions without questioning how we truly feel about them. Picking career paths because they offer us the illusion of stability and/or the money, and living according to someone else’s truth about us rather than our pure and divine truth that we can only live from an awakened state.

It’s easy to be asleep, going through the motions day in and day out, not questioning whether we are happy, fulfilled, passionate about our purpose because that’s what almost everyone does. But this is a time of a mass awakening. Meaning people have been coming into their truth and living from their heart space, awakening to the possibilities of who they can actually become, who they already are, and how they can serve the world with purpose.

Although a lot of us have been asleep, there are many others who have already started their awakening, or have already been through the process, who are here to guide others along their own journey. These people are usually called lightworkers. The ones who have been chosen in this lifetime to guide others, to light the way so to speak, to a life of fulfillment, purpose, and in service to others.

Through the awakening period, there will be challenges and even times of revisiting past traumas in order to do the deeper inner work and work through them, understanding how pain can serve a purpose both by helping others and opening up more space within so you let go and trust your divinity. There is no journey worth taking without facing that shadow that stands between you and your true self, but overall, an awakening will clear debris and inspire epiphanies. It will open your mind and heart to brand new perspectives.

You’ll begin to see opportunities that may have always been there but you never noticed. You’ll be able to feel the divine close by, supporting your forward motion and guiding your decisions. You’ll be more able to listen to and feel your intuition instead of looking to others for the answers, and you may even see signs and synchronicities that remind you that you are on the right path.

An awakening will never be a perfect process, but you’ll begin to see that the divine is always giving you what is required for you to grow in any given moment. You’ll begin to realize and truly understand that everything is here to teach us something that we will need along our path.

To help you during this period of awakening, it’s key to tune in to your highest vibration. You can do this, by doing your spiritual practices first thing in the morning, starting your day in the highest state possible. Starting your day in a peak state can be achieved through meditating, chanting, journaling, doing yoga, exercising, spending time in nature, or any way that you find that helps you feel a connection to the Divine presence. This time is for YOU! It is a time that requires a full cup, so continue to pour into yourself daily.

Two mantras that we suggest using

during an awakening:


1. Durga Mantra

Mantra: Om Dum Durgaye Namaha

Phonetics: Om Dum Dur-ga-yea Na-ma-ha

2. Ganesh Mantra

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Phonetic Spelling: Om Gung (rhymes with “rung”) Gana-pat-ta-yay Na-ma-ha

These mantras help support you and to protect your energetic field from obstacles.

They will also increase your inner strength during this eye-opening time!

Chant them 108 times a day to receive their continued energetic support using a Mantra bead necklace.

*If you have our Mantra Monday Guide you can take a look at the deeper meaning of these mantras.

We’re excited to share this moment of awakening with our readers and our Mantra Mondays community on Instagram and Facebook Live. Remember we are on vacation this upcoming Monday and the next…so we will not be having our normal Mantra Mondays, but we’ll be back on May 10th at 11am PDT with more astrological insights, sacred chants, and the powerful transformations our community altar activations offer you!!


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Until next time, continue to shine brightly,