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Awakening: Healing Relationships

This week’s theme is Healing Relationships, not only the ones with others, but the relationship you have with yourself and your connection to the greater good.

Next week, May 17-24, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and Rahu (a node of the moon) are all in Taurus, welcoming in a week of stability and peaceful earth energy.

With the more stable energy on the planet, it’s an optimum time to work on healing some of the relationship issues we’ve all been experiencing over the past few weeks. Remember, relationships can come in many different forms; romantic, friendships, business, family and definitely our relationship with ourselves.

There will always be an energy of duality that lives within us all, and amongst each relationship that we form. Lately, it’s been difficult to idealize or gloss over aspects of ourselves and/or one another that exposes some piece that’s not quite ideal.

We’re all working through influences that have been passed down through generations of our ancestral lineage. We may be working on some piece, some samskara or tendency, that has been around for as long as we can remember that continues to impact our relationships with others and with ourselves. This week is an ideal time to lay the groundwork to unwind from these generational tendencies. This lifetime is the time to break free.

Any frustration, hesitation, judgments, and hidden agendas now have the safety to be revealed and potentially healed, aiding in helping to heal our relationships, as well.

Our relationship with ourselves should be our number one focus during this time. In order to heal relationships, we must have peace and stillness within ourselves. In doing so, we will be better able to look at an issue from all perspectives and put ourselves in other people’s shoes without allowing our ego to take the forefront.

Our outer relationships that influence our personal state of mind/being are but a reflection of what is being offered to our conscious waking mind as our deeper work.

Our world is changing and old energies are purifying.

It is time to heed the calling to offer our deeper concerns, patterns, and limitations to the fire of transformation, so that we heal ourselves and our relationships, taking that healing into our world. As our vibratory frequency is elevated, our outer world reflects this shift with more peace within our personal world and mind. As above, so below.

Akshaya Tritya

Friday, May 14, 2021

The day of unending prosperity, joy, hope, and success!

This day is a very auspicious day that supports your spiritual activities such as yoga, meditation, and chanting and is said to help you build your spiritual strength. It is also a good day to begin

projects, studies…planting seeds will bring far-reaching results as long as

continued effort and perserverance are put forth. Feeding the poor,

planting or watering trees, and/or providing educational support

to others, are also recommended on this day (and always).

It is said if you begin these activities on this auspicious day you will be

rewarded with spiritual and material wealth.

Suggested chants to use for Akshaya Tritya, the auspicious day:

1. Lord Ganesh Mantra

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Phonetic Spelling: Om Gung (rhymes with “rung”) Gana-pat-ta-yay Na-ma-ha

2. Lord Vishnu Mantras

Mantra: Om Namo Narayana

Phonetic Spelling: Om Na-mo Nar-i-yan-a

This powerful mantra invokes protection and preservation. Vishu is believed to sustain the universe and its beings and is the physical manifestation of spiritual consciousness. He blesses devotees with long life, peace, happiness, and success.

Mantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namaha

Phonetic Spelling: Om Na-mo Bha-ga-va-te Va-su-day-vai-a Na-ma-ha

One interpretation of this mantra is “I bow down to the divine light within.” You can use this mantra as a means of self-realization. You can also use a mala bead necklace and chant the mantra 108 times (japa).


This week we’ll be doing something new on Mantra Mondays!!

We’re getting up close and personal.

Usually, we can’t answer your Mantra Mondays questions until we look at the replay comments on Facebook, but this time we will answer your questions live!!

Let’s connect more directly with one another!!

Make sure to bring questions so we will be able to interact with you!

We’ll chanting these new chants above and also talk about the astrology of the week so you won’t want to miss that either + we have much more in store for you!

We’ll see you on Facebook and Instagram on Monday, May 17th at 11am PT!

If you didn’t see our last Mantra Mondays, you can check it out here!

We also will be a part of this Ayurveda Summit 2021 hosted online but originating in Poland!

Michael will be speaking on Vastu – Vedic architecture, on May 24 and I will be speaking on Vedic altars, on May 27th. You can join this summit here!

There are some amazing presenters on this summit, people known around the world for their deep Vedic knowledge. You won’t want to miss it! And, it’s free!

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Until then, continue to shine brightly,