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Healing: The Only Way Out is In

This eclipse season can be a rough ride. Here's a bit of insight to help you move through this time with more grace and ease...

It’s as if we have lost a sacred possession in a dream and in our waking lives we are trying to retrace our steps. One moment the way seems clear and the next, it is blurred and confusing. During these tumultuous times filled with stress and uncertainty, the only way to gain your bearing is to let go. We’re in a paradigm shift where our vulnerability and raw emotions are bubbling up to the surface. It may seem hard to behave or to fit in as we’ve once done.

I’ve personally noticed before the full moon last week, a lot of stress coming up, not only for myself but also in others. Mercury is Retrograde in Taurus until June 22. Mercury is all about communications (technical and between one another), our transactions, and contracts. Retrograde is about reviewing and redoing, going back over things we haven’t completed. Taurus is synonymous with security, stability of the family, and finances. The emphasis is on miscommunications among family members, including our human family. This all happening close to the sun, which intensifies everything.

Saturn will go retrograde in Capricorn on June 7, lasting until mid-October, giving us the opportunity to focus on our goals and our life purpose. Added to this mix is the solar eclipse in Taurus which brings up the need for healing of our relationships and finances. Everything that needs to be revealed and healed will be brought to the surface.

Lifetimes of living within societal norms; judging ourselves and one another; truths coming to the surface, and sharply spoken words revealing years of betrayal…it’s all being laid out there now. We are all taking off the bandages and can’t hide our personal and global pain any longer.

How do you live through another rendering? This one exposing yourself to yourself. In order to heal, you must look at your own actions, your truths, and lies, your judgments, and excuses – all in the light of day, forgiving the unforgivable…and then sending out a prayer to the Divine to help you let go.

The grief and anger, betrayal and sadness may shake your already tenuous foundation, but not without reason. There is a healing that comes when we can’t control the perimeters, can’t lock down the facade, and act as if nothing is happening. We’re being asked to open and look within. Not in judgment, but to free ourselves. The answers we seek are there, we just need to take steps forward, and then let go.

You are not being asked to know the answers. If the wisest among us could lead you to the doorway, would you take the next step alone? The truth is, only through surrender, forgiveness, and a bit of courage, are we going to make it through this time with wisdom gained. You are healing from abandoning your tender heart and allowing grief and disappointment to become your guides instead of the wonder and beauty that surrounds you.


Divine Mother/Father/All That Is, show me what is mine to do. Help guide me to my next step and the one after that. Show me how to surrender and give you this burden so I may move forward in my life with a grateful heart. Allow me to serve you and only you. Show me how to trust that I am not alone and that you walk beside me always. Help me to know my beautiful soul and to heal that part within me where I hide from myself in shame. Bring the light to that hidden place so that it is illuminated and filled with your love and acceptance. Let me rest in your arms so I hear your heart and my heartbeat as one so I never forget the peace of belonging. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Chant of Oneness – Everything is filled with the Divine Presence


Mantra: Sarvam Brahma Mayam Re Re

Phonetic: Sar-vam Bra-ma My-am Ray Ray




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