Look Within...The Light is There

The wisdom you are seeking is held in the silence deep inside you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and as you let go, notice where that stillness takes you…



The August 8th New Moon in Cancer brings strong intuition and healing within our families. This is a time to set intentions. Be forewarned…you may be overly sensitive.

During August 9th – 26th, fast-moving Mercury will be in Leo and this is a time to use your words to inspire others while avoiding arguments.

On August 11th Venus moves into Virgo which brings focus on higher spiritual love in relationships and creative projects. It can also make you critical in your relationships. Try to see the best in people as that is what you will attract.



For this reading, I’m using the same (out-of-print) Osha tarot deck I used last week. Here is another wonderful bit of wisdom that seems so relevant to the energy we are going through this summer into fall…

Intelligence ~

Use your intelligence to look for things where they are instead of where they’re not, even if it’s dark, look within.

The story goes that an old woman is searching on the street for something as a crowd gathers and asks her what it is she is looking for. She says she has lost her needle.

The street was vast and the needle so small, the crowd asked her where on the street she lost her needle.

She replied, “I lost the needle inside my house”.

People thought she was crazy, looking in the street for her needle when it was lost within the house. She told them there was light in the street, but not in the house.

People thought she was crazy, looking in the street for her needle when it was lost within the house. She told them there was light in the street, but not in the house.

Someone said to her, “Even if the light is here, how can we find the needle if it was not lost here. The right way would be to bring the light inside the house so you can find the needle there!”

The old woman laughed and said to the crowd, “You are such clever people about small things. When are you going to use your intelligence for your inner life? I have seen you all searching outside, and I know perfectly well that what you are seeking is lost within.

Use your intelligence! Why are you searching for bliss in the outside world? Have you lost it there?”


Mudra of the Inner Self

Bring together the tips of the fingers, and join the thumbs. Cupping your hands together. The light that shimmers through your fingers “characterizes the power of the heart through divine wisdom” says Gertrude Hirschi in her book Mudras: Yoga in Your hands.

She continues, by providing an exercise… “Hold your hands in this position in front of your forehead, and look through the opening, without blinking, as long as you can. Then lower your arms and hold the mudra an inch or so beneath your chin for a while.

Your hands will automatically be at the spot where the place of your soul lies…”

This mudra is great for connecting with your intelligence as mentioned in the tarot reading above. It also can assist in finding you’re true nature to organically connect with your creativity during this fruitful season.



This beautiful mantra is courtesy of The Chopra Center. I feel it resonates with the energy upon us this week…


Om Supra Niti Swaha – The English translation of this mantra is: The light of my own Being guides my life forward. I do not need to look outside my true self for a guiding light.


Om Sue-pra Nit-tea Swa-ha



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Until next week, continue to shine brightly!

🕉 Robin