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Take a breath and consider…observe where the rushing comes from and where that need to be somewhere rather than where you are begins…

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? You are rushing to an appointment and that feeling of anxiety kicks in.

You are determined to be on time, yet things just don’t seem to be cooperating. You can’t locate your keys, there’s traffic you didn’t anticipate, you find yourself a little out of control and you begin to feel that anxious feeling inside grow.

All these events that appear to be external are happening on the internal simultaneously.


Have you noticed that these days especially, it feels like there isn’t much lag-time between the cause and the effect? The feeling that you cannot change what is happening to you, that sense of powerlessness and frustration…

Instead of asking yourself what is happening, better yet, ask yourself why is this happening.

Bringing the action back to you, allows you to gather your power back to you and helps you to determine where you abandoned yourself, and where you took the leap into some unknown future (or past) that is not real. This rushing, this hyper-focus on what you cannot control IS the lesson AND the learning.

SLOW DOWN AND SURRENDER TO WHAT IS…the rushing is unnerving and destructive. At a subtle level, it is some nuanced way we assert aggression towards ourselves, and we’ve all seen how it ekes out into our world and makes us do things we sometimes regret.

Overreacting when a driver cuts us off or saying something out of anger that hurts someone we care for…these are the things that bring up regret and wishing we had done things differently. Or sometimes these feelings arise as anxiety over some future or past outcome we have no control over. Our minds vacillate between the past and the future and we are nowhere to be found.

This is the way for many people…and now it may feel more in-your-face than ever before. The reason we see this play out in our lives now is WE ARE SEEING what has always been there. We are more conscious now, more aware that this remedial lesson is calling us to BE MORE PRESENT. It’s time to do the deeper work on being here.

Being. Here. Right. Now. NOW…NOW!


Every action has the potential for a reaction of equal or greater force.

It is time to stop rushing…

We are living through some crazy times, but they are not unique. Yes, they are polarizing, yes there is a lot of craziness in the media that seemingly exacerbates already challenging situations, but this is a continuing pattern, not a new one.

We do have a choice in where we put our attention and how we choose to use our minds, and our will. We are being reminded of this, once again.

So where do you live? In this present moment, feeling Grace flow through you, or do you find yourself thinking about what is next, what has passed, focused on something other than what is?

Let me talk a bit about Grace…


All things work best outside of our small minds attempting to know the bigger picture. As we allow trust in our connection to the Divine Presence to guide us, Grace grows in our life.

As you have probably figured out, we are in this together. Our mastery at this moment is to find the wisdom waiting there; all lessons lead back to this one place, to this one moment, where all things birth, exist, and pass.

That’s what I’ve decided to choose. I’m looking for the magic that is right here in this precious experience; the alchemical formula to shift whatever is there and see the Grace that resides within it. I do this to move beyond the drama of pain and uncertainty. I do this to reveal to myself the world I envision so I can offer it to you.

The Astrology of the Week and Beyond...

You may know that on August 8 there was a new moon in Cancer. This was a powerful day to set intentions for what you desire to manifest. It also brought forth enhanced intuition and healing for families, our nuclear and chosen families, and the Family of Man.

You may have felt more sensitive and possibly felt yourself retreat into yourself during that time. While Cancer offers us the embrace of family, it also brings guidance, along with Venus in Virgo, to reflect on what is important and to heal past hurts and issues that separate us. During the time between August 9-26, fast-moving Mercury will be in Leo. During this period, your words can be used to inspire others. It is also a time to avoid arguments, as fiery Leo’s energy can be ratcheted up even more by fast-moving Mercury. Also during this two-and-a-half-week period, Jupiter will be opposing Mars, bringing us new ideas and inspiration plus the desire to travel. On August 11, Venus moves into Virgo enhancing our focus on higher spiritual love in relationships and creative projects.

Use this energy to your benefit by delving into areas of interest that support the greater good. Venus in Virgo can also make you critical, but use this energy to support your critical eye when it comes to your projects to enhance their beauty and how things come together, instead of pulling things apart.

If you use this time wisely and look for the best in people, that is what you will find reflected back to you. The Sun moves into Leo opposite Jupiter in Aquarius on August 15. This planetary transit enhances your ability to organize and de-clutter and to also release the “stuff” holding you back. Jupiter wants you to act and speak your truth with integrity.

Also on August 15, Mars will move close to the Sun, where it will be combust and weak. This can create stress and frustration in relationships, so it is advised to be attentive and not engage in arguments. Do your best to be patient with others.

On August 18, Mars will closely aspect Mercury in Leo. This time can bring stress in relationships, anger, and impulsive decisions. It is best to avoid arguments, manage your emotions and keep your attention on your intention. Do not be pulled into overreacting or arguments. And so ends this week of creativity, clearing, and intensity…keep your awareness about on you and you will sail through this particular energy with more gains than losses.

Tarot Card of the Week

This week's Tarot card, again from the out-of-date Osha Tarot Deck, is Worry/Anxiety. This is a perfect story to illustrate what I’ve said above...

When you are separate and have private goals, there is such tension that your awareness becomes very narrow, & you become closed. Simply surrender, allow existence to carry you.

This is a story of an old woman traveling on a bus, anxiously asking the driver over and over what stop it was. The stranger sitting beside her attempted to reassure her that the bus driver would announce the stops, not to worry, and to try to relax.

The old woman reminded the bus driver how important it was for her not to miss her stop and the bus driver reassured her he would, as he always did, announce each stop.

He asked the old woman what stop she wanted so he could make note of it. She replied, “I need to get off at the bus terminal”.

Your consciousness becomes narrower and narrower when you become tense. The more tense and anxious you are, the harder it is to remember…it is like carrying an unnecessary load.

When you are afraid you are going to miss something, it is as if your head is turned in the opposite direction to where your body is carrying you.

Relax. Stop looking to the past and future. Let the Divine carry you to your destination. Drop your agenda, drop your “doing”.

There is nothing that is happening that should create all this tension for you, all this waste of your precious mind. When you let go and trust, Grace happens and you can relax and let life support your forward movement.

Mantra Of the Week

Mantra for Peace

Mantra: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Phonetic: Om Sh-an-ti Sh-an-ti Sh-an-ti Translation: Om Peace Peace Peace

This is mantra that can be chanted alone or added on to the end of a mantra. The meaning is simple Om Peace Peace Peace. Om is the universal vibration and is also known as the sound of all energy.

This mantra is also great for the beginning or end of yoga class, to start or end your day, or for overall well-being.

When chanting this mantra, you’re wishing peace in the world and to yourself.

Mudra for Peace of Mind

Dhyana mudra Place the back of the right hand on top of the left palm and touch the tips of the thumbs together to create a circle.

The right hand placed on top is a sign of enlightenment, tranquility, and inner peace.

The Buddha is often depicted using this gesture.



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Om shanti, shanti, shanti ☮️🕊! Until next week, continue to shine brightly,