Why Space Matters

Whether it’s space in the home, space in the heart, or space in the mind, space matters. It allows energy to flow, love to enter, and ideas to manifest.
A change in seasons is quickly approaching and with that change comes a change in the overall energy. This month we’ll be focusing on how you can use Vastu to support your everyday life, as well as Vedic practices that can aid in helping you to manifest the life that you desire.
Sometimes more is less, so we want to keep it simple and straightforward so that you can create space to grow in your practices and habits without over-complicating them.

According to Astrology, this is what you need to make space for...

In Jyotish, Vedic astrology, September 6 is the new moon in Leo, occurring at 5:51pm PT. This brings heightened energy for creative ventures that will carry you forward. This energy has been a theme during the month due to the Sun being in Leo, so we’ve become accustomed to this creative fire.
Set your intentions for your creative projects and
be prepared to be open to opportunities that will come.
When you’re desiring to be creative, it’s important to take time daily and open yourself to yourself for energy to flow to you unobstructed. Openings can be seen in the form of meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, dancing, journaling, taking walks in nature, or even riding your bike.
This energy will carry you forward through the full moon, which will be in Pisces, on September 20th at 4:54pm PT.
Saturn in Capricorn continues to be afflicted by Rahu in Taurus, which has been played out in global difficulties, such as Covid, earthly shifts (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires), as well as social and political unrest.
The good news is that we’ll experience a break mid-October, and although this difficult influence will continue well into 2022, we’ll feel the shift in the Fall and know that we will get through this if we have patience, continue with our practices and find ways to be grateful for those small moments of magic in our lives. Until this time of global transition passes, let’s hold the vision together for peace in our hearts, for mankind and our planet, and keep focused on your creative projects.
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Allow energy to flow freely...

Speaking of shifting your energy, the following Vastu tenet can be used to enhance your space and allow the flow of energy to circulate and move freely in your surroundings.

The center of your home and each room within it should be free of clutter and open to allow the flow of life-force energy to circulate.
Your house, your home is a living breathing entity.
Free-flowing energy creates a more harmonious and abundant life. Consider how the rhythms of your breath change when you are upset or constricted…your breath becomes tight and doesn’t flow.
When emotion gets caught in your chest, heart, or gut, it can become difficult to function with any clear sense of focus let alone enjoyment or effectiveness.
Your house experiences this constriction and restriction, too. When your home or office environment is filled with clutter or useless items, it lacks a clear path to support your endeavors.
When we physically “lighten up” our body through breath, meditation, and movement, guidance is able to come through the Divine and our lives are able to flow more effortlessly. It’s the same with your physical environment.
It is important to eliminate any clutter in the center of your home. Also, if there are physical obstructions such as walls, doors, staircases, bathrooms, closets containing heating or h-vac systems, or fireplaces there may be a reason to pause and reflect. Here’s why…
Wherever there is an obstruction, there is a block in your life. In the center of your home –which is like your home’s heart, lungs, and gut– restrictions will, in some way, reduce the flow of positive life-force energy in your life. A reduction in positive life-enhancing energy in the central area of a home will affect your overall success, well-being, health and even relationships.
If you find you have a physical obstruction in the center of your home, we recommend an Online Vastu Consultation to eliminate any blocks to your success, fulfillment and productivity.
Vastu eliminates blocks to the free-flowing energy you need for a more prosperous and joyful life, free of stress and abundant with well-being. We do this without any remodeling or renovation.

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