Beware of Intense Energy throughout This Week!

There is intensity most of this week and it’s bringing up volatility, vulnerability and our deep-seated insecurities. 
K2 has been conjunct the Sun in Scorpio since the 21st of this month. This particular configuration can bring up issues related to your father or father-figures in your life, as well as feelings that challenge your self-worth. 
If you’ve been feeling tossed about and emotionally vulnerable, it’s not about to get much better any time soon. This is not a time for the faint of heart. From now through the end of the year, we will all be challenged one way or the other. Now is a time to stay grounded in your spiritual practices and to be willing to allow all this tumult to be felt within the emotional body, but not to identify with it, or to develop attachments to this transient, chaotic time we are experiencing.
It is a time to utilize all of your self-care tools, and the support that is available from those trusted individuals who will light the way, because we all need one another right now. We need each other to navigate the uncertainty, to stay flexible and open, and to trust that whatever we are experiencing in this moment (or the next) will pass, just as it always has every time we thought it was too much to bear and too impossible to do. One way or the other, we came out the other side feeling lighter, less encumbered, and maybe just a little bit more humble.

This is a time for mastery…we are being asked to let go of who and what we think we are, and let go of the preconceived ideas that we are different, better (or worse) than another. What we see and hear in the media is a guide to the outside world at large, but it is not the truth. It is a time to expand our minds and focus our hearts simultaneously. We are all here to serve the greater good in some way. We must find our truth, let go of the out-dated roadmaps we believe will get us “there”, and listen with our hearts for what is next. This is the new alchemy…this is the way “in”.

Nothing Changes Without a Grateful Heart

November 25th is Thanksgiving in the US and it is a time to pause and be grateful for all that you have. Because this is a rather challenging time astrologically, I wanted to mention (again) the importance of gratitude. There is a meta-physical principle regarding gratitude and its importance in our lives. Nothing changes without it. 

If you are feeling negative or particularly lacking right now, try to place your attention on something outside of yourself. For instance, focus on nature and all its beauty. Instead of seeing your world through the mind, look for beauty — the light on a leaf, the wind on water, the stillness at dawn. Look for simple, everyday things with new eyes. Doing so has the tendency to open your heart to what is already there. This is not difficult to do when you allow the mind to rest and find reason to appreciate what is present, right now, in your life.
When you find reason to be grateful, over time you will notice a shift in your life. It may be subtle at first, but the magnetic frequency needed for positive change cannot be denied when you live with gratitude. This frequency will draw to you more to be grateful for, more of what you do want, and that which you desire will flow to you without effort and greater ease…as if by magic.🪄


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In the US this week, on November 25th, is Thanksgiving. It is a time to pause and be grateful for all that you have. Because this is a rather challenging time, I wanted to address this (again) here, to remind you (and me;) of the importance of gratitude. There is a meta-physical principle regarding gratitude and its importance in our lives. Nothing changes without it. If you are feeling negative or particularly lacking right now, focus on nature and its beauty. Look for the simplicity in your life and find reason to be grateful. If you have food to eat, a roof over your head, an can experience the beauty that is there every day, only then will the magnetic frequency needed for change in your life begin to draw to you more of what you do want.

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Until next week, continue to shine brightly…