The Dance of Purification Continues...

Passion, fire, intensity and volatility mark the last month of 2021. 
This year is not going to leave quietly. If you haven’t already, it’s time to prepare yourself for more uncertainty because the intensity is going to ratchet up.
This is an irreversible process and we are seemingly along for the ride, consciously or unconsciously. It’s time to use caution and patience as your guides as this is a month where it will become quite obvious, rather quickly, that nothing external can or will be controlled. Our determination and will have no power in the momentum of intensity that surrounds us, in the media, and at times in the reflections happening in our own lives.
We must learn to go with the flow and learn to enjoy the journey with all its uniqueness, filled with ups and downs. The contrast in our individual lives is becoming surprisingly clear to us. We are learning to savor those moments when we can take a collective deep breath, because for now, we are walking in uncharted territory.
Observe how the mind wants life in controlled order even in the midst of change when there is not only personal uncertainty, but global anxiety and fear, as well. Try this technique to Attune and Surrender. It is useful for letting go and allowing what is next to come forward in your life. We may not know much right now in a big picture way, but we can experience less stress and more peace in times of change when we self-care.
Attune and Surrender
Sit quietly, comfortably, and close your eyes
Take a long, slow breath in through the nose for a count of four and as you do, breathe in love and acceptance
Hold the breath for a count of four
Breathe out to a count of six and as you breathe out, imagine you are letting go of pain and disappointment
Pause the breath for a count of two
This is one round
Imagine the breath carries with it the seed of possibility, of what you desire
Do 5-8 rounds and once you are complete, sit in this energy for several minutes
You may feel expansion, or a letting go of what feels like heaviness and/or sadness…allow these sensations to be felt and released like wind whispering through the trees
If you feel inclined, sit quietly with eyes closed until the energy settles
When you open the eyes, either resume your day, or write down in a notebook what comes to you from within
NOTE: This technique can be done before you journal to access deeper levels of consciousness

Vedic Astrology for December 1-7

December 2021 is a month where patience and centering work are going to be your allies. Your mantra this month will be to take some deep breaths and observe where you’re holding tension. Are you holding tension within the body, the mind, or both? We place our attention on our bodies and minds because there’s a message waiting to be revealed here, and the message is, relax and take a step back.
Observe what you are seeing around you as the play of life. Lila is a Sanskrit word that describes the reality we create both within our minds and within the external world. It is the universal perception of reality, the creative play of the the divine. What we see is not universal truth, but the transient nature of reality imprinting upon our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is your unique interpretation you call reality. It is your truth, but it is not “the” truth.
We are here to learn and grow and expand our truth to encompass more than our personal perception of life. We are here to gain knowledge, to open, let go of rigidity and gain flexibility within the mind, body and emotions. We are opening for more light, more grace…more compassion for ourselves and other, even in the midst of chaos, uncertainty and intensity.
December 4 is the solar eclipse, new moon in Scorpio. Eclipses are about introspection and transformation of your inner terrain. Your intuition will be heightened on this day if you allow time to sit quietly in meditation. The tendency will be to feel out of control and, at the same time, wanting to control things. It’s a good time for self reflection as many insights can be revealed.
If you are courageous, allow any suppressed pain that you may be holding, your most buried, deepest issues, to surface for healing. Today is an excellent day to journal, for allowing those deep-seated beliefs, the unquestioned perceptions of reality that you hold closely, to be questioned, to be brought to the light of day.
December 5, Mars moves into Scorpio and remains there until mid-January. This planetary shift brings more impatience as well as intensifies the transformational process of exposing vulnerabilities and unconscious patterns of behavior. This particular configuration illuminates our shadow, bringing to light things we’ve hidden from ourselves and one another. It is another excellent day for personal reflection and surrender of what no longer serves you.
And so the stage is set for the end of the year…and new beginnings. There will be more to discuss as the intensity builds and changes in its focus throughout the month. As I have said, we are living through interesting times. Be proactive and give yourself space each day to some sort of spiritual practice be it meditation, chanting, pranayama, or all three, to bring perspective to the chaos and uncertainty that is prevalent.

Finding Your Dharma

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
Mark Twain
Dharma is an interesting, sometimes elusive concept. Finding purpose and fulfillment in life doesn’t always reveal itself easily. As with Michael’s journey, there can be twists and turns along the way, even seeming detours. You may experience other things that take precedence during specific periods in your life before you find what you came here to do. Timing may also figure into this quest for fulfillment. In this short video, Michael shares some of his own journey finding his soul’s purpose.

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