An Altar for Challenging Times

What do you do when life appears out of your control and you don’t have clarity what to do next? Having a way to anchor yourself and your connection to Source will bring you peace in the eye of the storm.

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As I have said before, this is a time of great change on the planet and we need the love and kindness of one another as well as tools to support ourselves so that this bumpy ride we’re all on feels less stressful.

Here is a short excerpt from our book, Altars of Power of Grace. I feel sharing this will somehow support your peace of mind. The Life Changes and Transformation Altar can work in your life to bring you a sense of connection and comfort…

“There are times when you might be overcome by the enormity of changes that are occurring all around you. You may feel affected by situations or experiences that appear beyond your control. In trying times an altar becomes an oasis, a place of solace and refuge, where you can let go of your burdens and ask for the comfort and support you need.

Your life may be running smoothly, then something in your external world or your internal experience happens and your life is forever changed. You may be expected to keep your bearings during these times and even be called upon to be a support for others. Remaining balanced and strong can be a test for even the most centered person with a strong spiritual base.

During these challenging times it can be difficult to remember that you are lovingly supported in the Realm of the Unseen. You are never alone, even when you feel burdened, confused, hurt, or grieving. It is in reaching out and asking for support that healing and change can begin. When you are left with seemingly insurmountable problems, an altar for Life Changes and Transformation can bring you support and help align you with the All-Encompassing Presence.”

Below is the layout for the Life Changes and Transformation Altar. Place it either against an east or south wall, in the southeast area of your home for the energy of transformation to support you and the peace that comes from knowing you are never alone. Colors associated with this altar are silver and red. Not all items placed on the altar have to be these colors, just a few. They could be a shawl or fabric used as an altar cloth that contains this color, a candle or an offering try

For reference, in the picture above, the altar was placed on the east wall…

w=water element in the northeast, p=a personal symbol placed behind the offering tray (which is “o”), f=fire element in the southeast, o=offering tray in the middle representing the space element, a= air element in the northwest, e=earth element in the southwest

If you decide to create a Life Changes and Transformation Altar, you can download this Shree Yantra below and use it to “ignite” your altar. There are several ways you can do this process to enliven the energy of support you desire. We provide some tried and true ways in our book Altars of Power and Grace. You can download a digital copy of the book here. Currently, the book is only available digitally.

The Shree Yantra, also known as the Shree Lakshmi Yantra, is considered the most powerful symbol in the universe. It is the balance of the five elements and the masculine/feminine energies represented by the circles and triangles contained within it. Lakshmi is the goddess of beauty, fulfillment, peace, prosperity, abundance and harmony. Placing this yantra on your altar brings support from the most powerful and supportive aspects of divine consciousness.

Vedic Astrology for December 9-15

The eclipse we had on December 4th will have repercussions over the next few months revealing deep insights about how we live our lives.

On December 8th, Mars aspected Jupiter. This is an excellent transit to take action and will carry its influence for the next few days. Be on the lookout for opportunities for advancement in all your endeavors.

Around December 15, Mars and Ketu are conjunct in Scorpio. This is a very violent conjunction as it can represent attacks and terror. It is best to lay low during this transit as a lot of anger is present. Do not engage in any arguments or fights that can explode into something worse. Physical exercise to release any steam is the best way to handle this transit. Take care of yourself mentally, as well. Meditation and yoga are also advisable to pass this transit calmly.

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