Endings and New Beginnings

Welcome to the ending of 2021 and the beginning of what is next! 

In some ways, 2021 has been less challenging than 2020, but it still has been a year of restrictions and intensity that has made many feel they were being forced through the eye of a needle. 
With the New Year comes a time for hope, optimism and good that will to be felt by all. Although we’re not out of the woods yet, there will be more wiggle room in 2022 than we’ve experienced for the last few years. 
Take the last few days of the year to reflect on what you would like to leave behind and what you would like to see occur in the next year. As we move into a new energy, let’s cast off the heaviness and restrictions we have felt and open our hearts to new possibilities to come.

Vedic Astrology for the Week

December 31 – The moon will conjunct Ketu in Scopio opposite Rahu in Taurus. This is a balancing of volatile emotions brought on by the Scorpio energy with the more grounding influence of Rahu in Taurus. It will also give us pause to reflect on the past year and helps to bring us optimism for the coming year. 
January 1 & 2 – Moon is with Sun and Venus in the sign of Sagittarius. This will bring us feelings of hopefulness, enthusiasm and opportunities for what is next.
Let’s begin the New Year on a positive note, looking forward with feelings of happiness and good cheer. There is a sense that the New Year energy will open our collective hearts to our deeper spiritual natures and the abundance that surrounds us.
January 2, 3 & 5 – The Moon is with Mercury and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn which brings a feeling of grounding and practical application to the expansive energy of the first few days of the New Year. In other words, you will feel a sense of possibility and clarity how to more forward to activate your New Years resolutions.
We can enjoy the end the year, looking forward with optimism that the New Year will bring opportunities to manifest your intentions and desires both spiritually and materially. 
Positive planetary influences will continue to show up as we approach the Spring. Rahu will move into Aries and Ketu will move into Libra leading to a shift towards less restrictions and more healing around Covid. Jupiter will move into Pisces in April bringing more emphasis on opportunities for spiritual growth. All in all, the New Year looks much brighter!

Next week there will be an uptick in good fortune through partnerships so stay tuned for that…

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As we end this year, Michael and I wish you a very Happy New Year! Let’s all begin 2022 with gratitude in our hearts…we are immensely grateful that you are a part of our community and we hope to continue to be of service to you whenever you need our support in the coming year.
Happy New Year, Everyone!