It’s Time to Begin Anew!

 The energy of 2022 will have its ups and downs, but as it progresses, you will feel so much better than you have felt during the past few years. There are some exciting projects we have up our sleeves in store for you and we are feeling our creativity gaining momentum. It is our intention to bring our efforts into fruition in the form of new offerings in 2022!
The past two years have been a rough ride and its not entirely over, but the light will illuminate and compel you to explore your higher callings –your heart’s desires– this month and beyond.

January brings a quickening of this desire. The seeds of transformation have been planted. Now is the time to go within and feel the shift. Your ideas and inspirations are emerging, and in the early part of January it is best to let those juices flow so you can experience the power and potential that sits there.
Mid-month begins a time of reflection, planning, and revisiting as Mercury Retrograde (on the 14th) will once again gift you with the opportunity for a deeper dive into issues that need a second look or more clarity. Take your time planning and organizing in the second half of January to allow what will be birthed this year to come from a deeper connection to Spirit. Whatever has held you back in the past will begin to dissipate. What is needed is healing and forgiveness –of yourself most of all– so that when the energy frees up in February, you will be ready.
On a personal note, I’ll be focusing my energy on some creative projects and course offerings for you. My schedule will change for the time being, blogging once a month instead of weekly, and there will be less posts on social media for awhile, as well. These new creative projects have been patiently waiting to be birthed for some time and now, with the energy shift occurring, I sense this is the moment to let the energy to flow.
I’m hoping you’re excited to hear this, as so many of you have asked me for more content, more knowledge, more magic, more connection over these past few years. I’ll be thrilled to share everything with you when they are ready.

Vedic Astrology for the Week

In December, Venus was retrograde in Sagittarius and it continues. It’s having an affect on your relationships. Assess whether they still serve your higher good. Reconsider the agreements and commitments you have made with others and within yourself.
The month of January will prove to be a time to keep your heart open. We advise to take a deep breath whenever you feel the tendency to judge or jump to conclusions and allow what is unfolding within and around you to play out. Place your attention on what unites us, rather than what divides us. Below are the main astrological areas of focus for the month of January.
January 02: New Moon in Sagittarius 
This New Moon is the perfect time to set up your altar to claim all your intentions for 2022. This is fertile energy to manifest what you desire. Sagittarius focuses on spiritual growth and what you identify as the “truth”. Be conscious to avoid getting stuck on rigid ideals of truth, justice and what is right or wrong.
What you perceive during this New Moon energy is a snapshot of your personal evolutionary process. Observing your minds tendencies brings awareness and realization of how your personal history, beliefs and ideas has guided your growth. The mind is but a reflection and/or projection of all your life experiences that has led you to this moment. This awareness is a gift to you from this Sagittarius new moon. It has the power to free you from the constraints of self-imposed beliefs that have been holding you back.
On this day, it is important to avoid arguments as people may be overly sensitive.
January 3: Jupiter in Aquarius

This is a good time to get organized and clear out what is no longer useful to you. This long-lasting configuration brings an opportunity to deepen your connection and expand your awareness into higher realms of consciousness. Meditation and manifestation work will benefit your greatly now as your connection to those unseen forces is much more accessible starting now until mid-April.

Take this as an opportunity for clarity, implementation, and realization of your dreams and desires.

January 8: Venus is retrograde conjunct Sun in Sagittarius 

In retrograde, Venus is about reevaluating relationships and finding peace of mind within yourself. This energy can prove to make you feel restless, and finding homeostasis will be challenging unless you choose to opt for love, not fear. Retrogrades tend to give you the opportunity to review beliefs and patterns. This is a time to reflect whether they have been a choice, or something you have been conditioned to believe as true. Are you in a state of fear or openness and love? Ask yourself these simple questions:
What would it feel like to simply let go and trust love, knowing that in doing so the Divine will illuminate your path forward? Will you let yourself surrender the illusion of control and allow the energy of love to be your guide?
This is a choice is between stepping into the river of peace, flow and ease, instead of the river of fear, anxiety and disappointment. Choose love, choose what brings your peace…
January 14: Mercury turns Retrograde in Capricorn, Sun enters Capricorn

This is a good time to reevaluate and reassess your work and to complete unfinished business. Clean up emails, your files and drawers, and finish up past work. This planetary arrangement can either give you more or less energy than you are used to feeling. In particular, it affects the nervous system and can drain your usual zest for life, leaving you feeling a bit lethargic. If you are feeling chaotic, scattered energy that has you feeling restless, unfocused and anxious, take some time to center and breathe. Here are a few things to be aware of during Mercury Retrograde:
• It’s better to hold off on signing any contracts or making any big purchases until a week after Mercury goes direct
• Be prepared for delays and/or issues with transportation – traffic and other travel mishaps can occur
• Avoid situations primed for misunderstandings
• Don’t rely on technology, back up your computer 
• Refrain from starting anything new until a week after Mercury turns direct 
NOTE: Mercury goes direct February 3…we won’t be out of the woods until after February 10.
January 17: Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer 
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is the planet of structure, discipline, and hard work. Capricorn energy is about applying your attention and discipline to realizing you goals. With the Sun in Cancer, the sign of happiness, home life, love, peace, and compassion, you may have the desire to identify work that makes you feel happy. This expansive Cancer in Sun energy illuminates a structure, or path, focused on your goal, which the full moon in Capricorn identifies and magnifies.
January 23: Mercury (retrograde) conjunct Sun in Capricorn 
This is a time to reevaluate your life purpose and career. Mercury in retrograde energy is about slowly assessing and fixing what is broken or needs attention. Sun in Capricorn illuminates hard work and due diligence. Do you feel fulfilled in what you are doing? This planetary configuration brings focus to reassessing what you are doing and whether or not it is helping others.
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As we end this year, Michael and I wish you a very Happy New Year! Let’s all begin 2022 with gratitude in our hearts…we are immensely grateful that you are a part of our community and we hope to continue to be of service to you whenever you need our support in the coming year.
Happy New Year, Everyone!