April Brings Optimism, Opportunity, and Prayers for Peace

Finally, some good news!
It is written in the stars that something good has begun…

In Vedic astrology Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is entering into its favorite sign of all time, Pisces, on April 13 (US time) through 4/22.
It’s time for you to manifest your dreams, feel more love, creativity, and experience heightened intuition. Pick up your journal or a sketchbook and get your imagination and intuition juices pumping. Consider what you want your life to look like this year. The energy is very supportive for you to make things happen!
Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces. Pisces energy is about the evolution of consciousness as seen through the lens of astrology. Pisces is considered the “natural” sign of the 12th house. It is the last astrological sign we all go through before we move into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Expect to see more opportunities for abundance, as well as creative expression blossoming. There will be a general feeling of more compassion and empathy on the planet, and a greater sense of unity in the world.
Pisces reminds us that we co-exist with one another, and therefore the recent lessons of division and violence illuminate how vulnerable we as individuals and as a collective really are. It’s time to treat ourselves and each other with more kindness, patience and caring, because we truly are one…whatever harms one person impacts the collective in some way.
The Jupiter into transit Pisces inspires us to be more proactive in our community and create new connections based on our shared values. The underlying frequency now will be more intuitive and mystical, as a more consciousness-raising, uniting energy begins to flood the planet, and the vibration of love will be felt by all. During Jupiter’s time in Pisces, you will likely feel more connected with the people who come into your life, be more aware of others feelings, and in general experience a deeper compassion and generosity toward others and they towards you. This transit is also a powerful time to expand deeper feelings of love and openness in your relationships. 
This loving energy comes to a head on April 30th, when there is a conjunction in Pisces between expansive Jupiter and passionate Venus. Additionally we have a solar eclipse in Aries. This can be a wonderful opportunity to expand love through self-care activities –meditation, yoga, chanting, pranayama, journaling, walks in nature. Whatever you do to nurture yourself on the 30th will smooth the road ahead even more. If you take time on the 30th to love yourself, it will generate a positive boost to allow you to embrace all the good coming your way more fully.
If you’ve been looking for a sign that things are looking up, this is it!

Planetary Transits That Offer More Optimism in April

April 4 – Saturn conjunct Mars in Capricorn – Saturn is about structure and limitation. Mars energy is passionate, courageous, and can be volatile. This should be a good day to be productive at work, but be careful of arguments with others.
April 7 – Mars moves into Aquarius – The passionate, volatile energy of Mars in the altruistic, expansive sign of Aquarius brings passion and potential volitility into all relationships. Be careful of your communications with others today. Mars in Aquarius is also about fulfillment of desires, social connections, and focusing on the greater good.
April 13 – Jupiter moves into Pisces brings expansion of consciousness and restored hope and optimism. In general, your platonic and familial relationships will take on a deeper meaning this year when Jupiter moves into Pisces on this day, as the frequency of this time brings us more deeply into harmony in all aspects of our lives. This is the beginning of the much anticipated time we have been waiting for where peace and understanding prevail. 
Since Jupiter is staying in Pisces for a bit (through the 22nd), you have time to harness this power and create something incredible — in your life, in your community, and in the world around you. 
April 16 – Full Moon in Libra at 11:57am PST – In Native American culture, April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon. Libra energy is about relationships. This particular full moon is a time of rebirth and renewal of your relationships. It is a birthing of a new way of life, one that has been desiring to reveal itself to you. This is a very fertile time where clarity surrounding relationships of all kinds will occur. Over the past few years, as we have collectively hibernated because of Covid, we have recreated, redefined ourselves and our priorities. You are not the same person who begun that journey. Change and growth are taking on momentum now, and what is being illuminated is the push/pull of your individual dreams, outworn behaviors, and where you fit into this New World…here lies the balancing act between individual desires and intimacy with others.
April 23 – Rahu conjunct Mercury in Aries – In Vedic astrology, Rahu is a node of the moon and represents desire, ambition, and potentially obsession. Mercury energy is about communication and can be quite critical. The lesson of Mercury is to use the analytical part of your mind to bring things together and not pull them apart. Aries signifies ambition and drive. If you focus your energy on your desire by using critical thinking to your advantage, your drive and ambition should help propel your dreams forward. One caveat…meditate early in the day to help you stay balanced to use this conjunction to your highest advantage.

April 28 – Saturn moves into Aquarius – Saturn’s transit into Aquarius at the end of April heralds a time of freedom from restrictions. We should be seeing a uptick in travel and people experiencing less limitations and fears, in general. Saturn is about service and Aquarius is all about humanity. This is a good time to do charity work, or donate to humanitarian organizations.

April 30 – Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries + Jupiter and Venus conjunct Pisces – There’s a possibility of career stress and potential for conflict today. It’s best to avoid arguments and take the day off to do some much needed self-care. You not only deserve a respite from all the twists and turns the month’s energy offered, but taking time today for yourself will give you a boost to begin May on a positive note.

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