The challenging times of the past several month are behind us (for now) as we have a reprieve in June.



Let’s enjoy these last three weeks of Spring and use the planetary energies available this month to initiate any projects you’ve been dreaming of to do.


The push/pull chaotic energies of May, which included Mercury Retrogrades’ intensity, has left us a bit wary, but early June brings Mercury’s forward motion and, whether you believe it or not, June will feel very different than May.

The underlying energy of June is set to begin a time for healing the chasm between the masculine and feminine energy within yourself and, eventually, upon the planet. This is a time for action, but also for continuing self-reflection, inner work, surrender and purification of unconscious tendencies that have been running your life for far too long. There is opportunity for you to receive the support of nature, and surrendering the rigidity of outworn behaviors that have caused frustration, struggle and disappointment.


Throughout the month, your will have time for forward motion as well as deeper reflection. You are being offered fertile energy to grow and evolve. You will find that if you commit to doing your personal work, there will be grace and ease to support you.


Astrology for June:


June 3 – Mercury goes direct in Taurus. We’re still in Mercury Retrogrades’ shadow for the next few weeks, but you will begin to notice some relief in technology issues, travel, misinformation, and miscommunication. It’s best to wait until mid-June to sign any legal documents or make verbal agreements or major decisions like buying a house, or moving.


June 7 – Moon in Virgo. Pay attention to your health by making sure you’re getting enough rest, eating well and exercising. It’s time to let go of rigidity in the mind and helping others on their healing path. This transit lasts through the 10th.


June 9 – Day of Ganga Dashahara. According to mythology, it is the day that the holy Ganga River was reborn on earth. It is said that Ganga is an aspect of Divine Mother that is the Mother of Humanity. She is the goddess of purification and forgiveness and is noted for prosperity and good fortune. Today is the most auspicious day in June to begin pujas for removing obstacles, winning a court case, success in all areas of life, purification of karma, prosperity and support of Nature, as well as enlightenment and spiritual progress. We suggest beginning 30 days of puja blessings for you and your family on this day. Here’s the link to sign up.


June 14 – Full Moon in Scorpio. The Strawberry Moon will rise just after sunset. There, it will appear large and golden. June’s full Moon will reach peak illumination at 4:52am PT, but will not be visible in North America until later that night when it will appear in its full glory.


As the second Supermoon of 2022, it will appear bigger and brighter, as the moon is closest to the earth. The Strawberry Moon is the last full Moon of spring (or the first one of the summer), depending on its date. American Indians and others called it the Strawberry Moon because of the June-bearing fruits that were ready to be picked. June’s full moon is a time of flowers blooming and early fruit ripening. It is a time of fertility and great abundance. This full Moon is also known as the birth Moon, Egg Laying Moon and Hatching Moon and in Europe, the Honey Moon.

Scorpio brings healing to the subconscious. It is the alchemy of taking what is falling away and using it as fertile energy of what is yet to be. This is an ideal time to journal and to try your hand at automatic writing, if it’s new to you. Take a deep dive into those nooks and crannies within you that have been waiting for your attention. Let go of the mind’s tendency to be logical and see what arises from that part of you that is not defined by words, but by what has remained buried in the chambers of the hearts’ deep longings. It’s time to free up the wounding that binds you and transform that energy for your higher purpose.


June 15 – Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini. This is a time to move forward more quickly with projects involving communication. Gemini is an air sign and all about communication. Take the opportunity during the next month to use your intellect to come up with new ideas to move your dream projects forward.


June 16 – Rahu conjunct Venus in Aries. Today, you may feel some emotional confusion in your relationships. Venus is about relationships and emotion and Rahu can bring an element of deception, manipulation, over-exaggeration and confusion. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Take the day off from taking things too personally. This planetary conjunction can and will create confusion!


June 18 – Venus moves into Taurus. Venus will be in Taurus until mid-July. Taurus has to do with wealth, recognition and family relationships. Venus is the planet of beauty and love. This planetary transit will be an excellent time for the success of your loving relationships and also your prosperity. Your creative pursuits will also positively benefit during this time.

Also on 18th, the Moon is transiting Aquarius until June 20. Aquarius energy supports the fulfillment of your desires and humanity in general. The moon represents your emotions. This transit offers an opportunity to engage in the universal healing of the divine masculine energy on the planet that have been out-of-balance for thousands of years. And, with Father’s Day tomorrow, what could be a more perfectly timed transit!


June 19 – Moon in Pisces and Father’s Day. Pisces brings up emotional trauma to heal your beliefs and judgements surrounding what it means to care for others. It is time for healing and grace to dissolve outworn behaviors of control and anger. We must now heal the imbalance of the masculine/feminine Divine Presence that has brought suffering, oppression, punishment, and aggression. This imbalance resides within each of us. It is time to acknowledge what is there and bring grace, love and beauty back into balance so that the pain of separation within us can be healed.

June 21 – Summer Solstice begins at 1:14am PT. June 21 is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It signifies the balance between cultivating, growing and reaping the bounty planted in Spring and the gradual shortening of days culminating on the Winter Solstice. Summer reminds us to appreciate the fleeting moments of beauty and the fertile abundance Nature provides. Celebrate the bounty of Mother Earth today and honor the light within you.


June 27 – Mars moves into Aries. This transit should be good for career growth. Mars energy is about passion, courage, ambition, drive and energy, which can also turn into aggression and anger. Aries is about new beginnings, ambition and drive. Now is a great time to start short-term projects organized and done.


June 28 – New Moon in Gemini at 7:53pm PT. Gemini’s air energy brings you scattered, unfocused thoughts for todays New Moon. You may feel like you are being called to plant an intention, a wish, or an idea about something you desire in the future. It’s perfectly fine not to know or see how these plans will unfold. That is part of the dance of Gemini. You may feel some restlessness with plans that are too concrete, and have trouble following through. Therefore, it makes it an ideal time to start something new that will allow you to explore possibilities as it takes shape.


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Until next month, keep shining brightly! 

Robin Mastro is co-founder of Vastu Creations and the American Institute of Vastu – consultancy, design, and educational companies that focus on eliminating environmental stress for greater productivity, improved health and wellbeing. Robin has been a teacher of mediation and Vedic breathing for the Art of Living Foundation for over 25 years. Her research in accessing the power of altars in the Vedic tradition led her to study ancient cultures around the world and how they connected with unseen forces to support their daily lives. She has co-authored three award-winning books on Vastu with her husband, Michael: Altars of Power and Grace (Balanced Books Publishing, The Way of Vastu (Balanced Books Publishing), and Making Room for Mr. Right (Simon and Schuster/Atria). For decades, Robin has worked with students and clients to live healthier, more harmonious and productive lives. She is in service to others through her award-wining books, courses, and on-going offerings. She can be reached at robin@vastucreations.com.


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