Corporate Clients

Vastu Creations’ corporate and institutional clients are looking for resources to ensure their companies continue to grow, thrive and succeed. It is necessary to address current concerns that surround productivity and retention within the workforce. These are changing times and for your business to continue to be profitable, it is important to consider strategies that are innovative and cutting-edge to ensure employees continue to be healthy and succeed for the sake of the companies growth and ability to prosper. A sometimes ignored element in your companies success is how the physical environment impacts your employees productivity and function. Vastu Creations not only identifies and eliminates the environmental stress that can create workplace dysfunction, our clients find Vastu can support business success through
  • Reducing staff sick days
  • Supporting employee recruitment and retention
  • Enhancing employee productivity
  • Eliminating conflicts between employees
  • Improving sales
  • Decreasing unnecessary expenditures

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Home Builders

As home builders in communities where some of your prospective home buyers come from India, you probably have found they respond negatively to certain designs as well as west or south-facing homes. In their culture, there are strong reasons for this. Vastu Creations provides practical and time-proven solutions to the concerns facing homebuilders and their buyers.

Vastu Creations provides Vastu Certification to homebuilders for homes that normally do not sell to the Indian community for the above reasons. We have worked with many home builders across the US to provide rectification and certification of existing homes so all homes in your developments sell quickly. We also provide education and support to your sales and marketing teams, helping them understand how to negotiate successfully with buyers who know about Vastu.

Some of our Vastu services for Home Builders include:

  • Onsite Vastu Certification to insure quicker sales
  • Certificate of Completion email within 48 hours of an onsite visit
  • Rectification Report emailed within 48 hours of an onsite visit
  • Diagram of Vastu Compliance emailed within 48 hours of an onsite visit

These above items can be used to counter objections the Indian buyer may have regarding any Vastu defects they may perceive.

We also offer:

  • Introductory Vastu trainings and/or presentations for your sales team to help them negotiate successfully with clients who know about Vastu
  • Design Consulting with your architectural team for future developments to enhance floor plan designs

Tech Industry

In the technology industry, there are many factors that define the success of a business that gives you the edge over your competition. Studies show stress as the top underlying factor that defines whether individuals, departments, and management function optimally and achieve goals. Vastu Creations provides services that ensure your company remains ahead of the pack through time-proven technology that eliminates workplace stress. We identify and eliminate the environmental stress that blocks productivity, success, and well-being. No remodeling is necessary and there is no disruption to the workplace environment.

We work with corporations to:

  • Ensure staff retention
  • Reduce staff sick days
  • Improve employee relationships
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve sales and
  • Reduce expenses


In the hotel industry today, it is imperative to have your hotel stand out amongst all the rest. There is no better time than now to utilize the services of Vastu Creations to help you eliminate the blocks standing in the way of your hotel’s success. With over 40 years of experience helping businesses improve their bottom line, Vastu Creations has thousands of satisfied corporate and individual clients worldwide.

We help you achieve your goals to:

  • Attract new and returning hotel guests
  • Become the preferred place to stay in your area.
  • Eliminate the stress and negative influences that affect:

1. Profits
2. Expenses
3. Productivity
4. Relationships between staff and management
5. Relationships between staff and customers

Once these influences are eliminated, you will experience more success and gain the edge you need to boost your bottom line. All of our recommendations are efficiently done at the time of your onsite appointment with no remodeling necessary.

Call for your free quote and let our professional services increase the success of your business today!

More of Our Corporate Clients

In today’s corporate climate, it is necessary to gain advantage and address all factors that inhibit a company’s productivity and success. There is a need for more holistic strategies to gain an advantage. The office environment is a key aspect to create a culture of engagement, high performance, and innovation. Vastu Creations identifies and eliminates the environmental stress within the work environment so that your business can prosper.

We work with your company to:​