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Protect yourself and your loved ones from the affects of EMFs and stress in your residence through a Vastu consult and our EMF protection products

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The EMF House or Car USB Plug - $175.00 (10% discount)


EMF Protection Pendant -Kavach - $175.00 (10% discount)

Vastu Consultation with Instructions and Products - $399.00 (10% discount)


Vastu Shastra benefits your ongoing success and prosperity, bringing you the harmony, peace and fulfillment that is essential to a well-lived life through your Written Vastu Consultation.

We offer you the benefits of Vastu through our online Vastu Consultation services no matter where you live. We give practical recommendations and adjustments that bring about the positive changes you require for improvement in all areas of your life.

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Yesterday AM (3rd day after using Plug-In), upon awakening, I immediately realized I did not experience tinnitus, and the house felt “calm.” I did not “feel” the EMFs at all, the fridge did not bother me and the sound emitted did not appear to be “loud” as before.


I have been sleeping and feeling much better. The tingling in my arms while holding my phone has disappeared. The whole house has a much better feel. I have more energy and my wife and I have started working out again. With better sleep and extra energy, it is so much easier to accomplish our goals.


JW – Carlsbad CA

Every time I got in my Prius I felt a headache coming on especially after an hour of driving. With the EMF House or Car USB Plug I notice I am not having headaches anymore. Thank you!


AL – Boston MA

I used the Whole House Plug model in an outlet next to my bed before going to sleep. Over the last month, I have been waking up with more energy than usual, and the quality of my sleep seems to be improving. Thank you for making this product available.


WS – Chicago IL

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