~ AltarWear Jewelry to Balance the Five Elements within the Body ~

Our AltarWear Jewelry has been created to support you as you move through the many personal shifts and changes life brings. Designed by us, our beautiful hand crafted silver and gold enhanced jewelry is manufactured by artisans in Bali. Our fragrant sandalwood mala bead necklaces are imported from India.

All our products are infused with ancient chants and Vedic clearing ceremonies to attract positive, beneficial energy. Each piece is uniquely designed to bring supportive energy into your life through the balance of the five elements. It is advisable to place your necklace(s) on its corresponding altar at night to cleanse and recharge. The Nine Planet Harmonizer Necklace can be placed on any altar. To learn more about altars in the Vedic tradition, please read “Altars of Power and Grace”.
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