~ Blessing Trays & Altar Kits to Honor the Divine in All You Do ~

For thousands of years, blessing ceremonies have been performed in temples, homes, and natural environments to honor our intrinsic connection with the powerful influences of the elements, planets, moon, and stars, and the energy that directs our lives on earth. Ceremonies such as these give people a way to request balance and support from the Divine in all their endeavors.

Vastu Creations Blessing Trays are portable and can be used to sanctify and purify your home or workspace. Use them as a way to honor your environment:

Altar Kits consult

These AltarKits make creating altars easy to do! AltarKits are used as a place to focus your heart’s desire and connect with the Divine energy $79.99$84.50

Blessing Tray consult

This beautifully designed Blessing Tray can be used for home or office to enliven and balance the five elements in the environment. $52.00
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