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Michael and Robin’s books and CD’s were created to uplift your spirits. They bring you the wisdom of ancient knowledge and share a glimpse into what is possible utilizing the vast knowledge within the sacred Vedic texts of India. These offerings will enlighten and excite you as they introduce you to a revolutionary approach for creating beautiful and life-enhancing environments based on Vastu Shastra, the sacred science of placement and design. Follow easy-to-read-and-integrate instructions that demystify the complex principles of Vastu making them accessible for our modern times. Your living and working environments will become havens for peace and productivity while becoming magnates for your fulfillment and success.
Step-by-step outlines of processes that help create balance and beauty in your home – and now your relationships – provide pathways to reach your goals. I highly recommend all of the Mastro books if you want to create harmony in your life.

Michael M

Rated 5 out of 5
Well-written and enlightening.

Malena Lott

Renewed my faith in the fact that you can take action to get everything you want in life, including true love.

Jodi Lipper

I have to tell you and Robin that "Altars of Power and Grace" is much admired by all my friends and me! We are a very spiritually diverse group of people, and everyone is truly amazed by this book! Tomorrow I am building and igniting a "Relationships and Marriage" altar in my apartment,


Thank you, for all you've done to show others how to, indeed, honor the cosmic rhythms of the Universe.


At long last an exceptionally written, fresh, exciting and devotional way to shift our lives, both internally and externally, in a way that neither the mind nor ego can undermine. Of the dozens of books and manuscripts that cross my desk, this one rises up form the flock. This book

Maureen Moss

The authors, Michael and Robin Mastro, will show you how to realize your needs, hopes, and dreams with a novel grace and ease you will discover within yourself. You will learn how to put ancient spiritual methods of enlightenment contained in the Vedic teaching of ancient India into your modern

Fred Alan Wolf, Dr. Quantum TM

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