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It is necessary for today’s business climate to gain an advantage and address all factors that stand in the way of your company’s productivity and success. To succeed, you need more holistic strategies to help you gain the advantage. An often missed key factor is the impact of the physical office environment in creating a culture of engagement, high performance, and innovation for the growth of your business. Vastu Creations identifies and eliminates the environmental stress within the workplace environment so that your business can prosper. We work with your company to :

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There are many concerns challenging doctors in the fields of allopathic and alternative medicine today. The pressure to preform optimally while running successful businesses creates frustration and daily stress not only for doctors, but for staff, as well. Vastu Creations addresses the concerns facing health care professionals by eliminating the impact environmental stress plays on doctors, staff, as well as patients. There is no remodeling or disruption to your office to improve your success, productivity and reduce stress. All work is done discretely and efficiently.

We identify and eliminate the stress that causes ongoing concerns in your office in areas such as:


For most people, a visit to the dentist can be stressful and something they would rather avoid. Maya Angelou, who was an American poet, author and civil rights activist, once said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ​

In dentistry, this has always been true. People want to feel safe and comfortable and they will spend their money at a business that genuinely care about their experience from the moment they walk through the door. Not only does this matter, but they will go home and tell their friends and family about their experience, too, positive or negative. ​

Vastu Creations will ensure that you and your dental practice thrive by eliminating the environmental stress that, once removed, will optimize your productivity and reduce the challenges to your success. Our work is discrete and non-invasive.

Let us demonstrate to you how Vastu can help you:

Salons & Spas

To maintain success in business today, Salon and Spa owners and managers must create a unique identity and reputation that separates them from the competition. A talented and highly trained staff with a relaxing and welcoming environment that offers a sense of comfort and well-being is essential. As with any business, stress between co-workers, staff retention and a good reputation can make or break a business. Vastu Creations improves the overall energy and feel of your salon and spa to create a calm, peaceful, and harmonious environment. There is no remodeling and all work is done discretely and with no disruption to staff or customers. Your clients will feel the difference immediately and your business will thrive and prosper.

Vastu Creations will help you:
- enhance over-all atmosphere
- create a more relaxing and welcoming environment
- improve staff retention and relationships
- retain clients
- attract new clientele
- reduce expenses and improve profits


To be a success in the restaurant industry today, you must make your unique mark with good food, a loyal clientele, a great staff, and an inviting atmosphere. It takes perseverance and dedication to build a good, local reputation. Food aside, your physical environment determines a great deal in attracting and retaining happy customers. It can be the difference between whether you experience success in your business or not. If there is environmental stress within your restaurant or kitchen, you and your staff will feel that stress and so will your clientele.

Vastu Creations identifies and eliminates the environmental stress that stands between you, your success and your staff and client’s well-being. Our work is done discretely and efficiently, without any remodeling or disruption.

Let us help you to:

Yoga Studios & Schools

With the surge in popularity of yoga studios and schools today, how do you remain true to the philosophy of calmness and non-competition that is the very essence of yoga while surviving and thriving running a business in this ever-increasing saturated market? Vastu Creations brings you Vastu: Yoga for Your Home and Workspace. Vastu is Yoga’s Vedic sister science and is the sacred environmental technology of creating stress-free living and working environments. Vastu Creations provides services to eliminate the blocks to your success, giving you the support you need to: ​