Cell Phone EMF Protection

Protect yourself from the
harmful affects of EMF radiation

Cell Phone EMF Protection
– Set of 3 –

Studies show that EMF frequencies from cell phones, microwaves, routers, computers, baby monitors and more have an adverse affects on our health and longevity. Our EMF Protection stickers offer protection against harmful 5G and EMF radiation by transforming man-made incoherent EMF frequencies into harmless coherent frequencies.

In addition, the Sacred Sri Yantra Symbol holds a thin layer of paramagnetic material within to give you EMF PROTECTION to mitigate the harmful effects of 5G and EMF radiation.

TO USE: Bend, peel, and stick to the back of your phone and all electronic devices as an extra layer of protection for you and your family.

  • PROVEN PROTECTION – Studies show our patented, peer reviewed EMF neutralizer offers unprecedented protection against harmful 5G and EMF radiation
  • EASY TO USE anti radiation stickers for phone and all electronic devices emitting harmful EMF radiation, smart phones, microwaves, routers, computers, baby monitors and more
  • NEUTRALIZES ADVERSE EFFECTS emitted by wireless devices and get true and reliable EMF cell phone protection, eliminates 100% of detrimental effect
  • RARE ACTIVATED EARTH ELEMENTS produce the thinnest, most effective 5G Neutralizer ever with proven results to provide the best EMF protection
  • REVERSES THE BIO-ELECTRICAL PATTERNS of man-made electro-magnetic fields, works to naturally change the man-made incoherent frequencies into harmless coherent frequencies


Hear what some of our client experiences
with the Cell Phone EMF Protection

I’ve added these stickers to my cell phone, iPad, microwave, and TV. It’s really easy to apply and I can feel the difference. My body used tingle when my mobile phone touched my body. Now I have no reaction.
– Phil J, Boston MA

I bought these stickers because of all the new 5G cell towers being built around us. I’ve found I’m very sensitive to the technology and wanted to protect myself when using the phone.These stickers adhere right onto my iPhone easily. They are not thick so I can put my phone in a case without a problem.
– John H, Washington DC

This product was delivered quickly and I’ve found I have much fewer headaches. Thank you!
– Robin S, Seattle WA