~ Create Lasting Love and Prosperity Course ~

 Reduce the Stress in Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Environment and Attract Your Heart’s Desires
By Robin & Michael Mastro

In just eight informative and powerful lessons, you can create a shift in how you attract love or enhance your connection in an existing relationship. Experience true prosperity by releasing what stands in the way of you opening the door to exciting possibilities to enter your life now. Become a part of the flow of magnificent abundance that surrounds you. In the Create Lasting Love & Prosperity course, each lesson is designed to help you discover and achieve a fulfilling life. We teach you step-by-step techniques and ancient practices that will bring you your heart’s desires.

We offer you powerful techniques and tools that are supportive and enhance your essential nature, which will make the process of creating passion and prosperity in your life much more fun and fulfilling than anything you have ever tried before.

You will develop the power to create the life you envision. In addition, you will eliminate stress in your mind, body, spirit, and environment, simply and easily. The techniques presented in this course will immediately bring positive change into your life. Each week you will notice doors of love and gratitude opening in every area of your life. You may have never fully explored techniques such as sounds, symbols, and ancient practices for enhancing love and prosperity in your life but spiritual masters around the world have done so for centuries. Our informative videos and exercises will instruct you in practices you can use throughout your lifetime. This course is wonderful if taken alone or as a powerful addition to the book, Making Room for Mr. Right.

Topics Covered

  • Prepare for Love & Prosperity
  • Eliminate the Stress Within & Around You
  • Purify Your Home though Sacred Ceremony
  • Opening to Love & Prosperity: Balancing the Body, Mind, & Spirit
  • Your Relationship Altar: Your Connection to the Divine
  • Enliven Your Heart’s Desires: Mantras & Sacred Symbols
  • The Full Moon Altar for Prosperity: Connect Your Heart’s Desires to the Universe
  • Your Daily Practice: An Action Plan for Manifesting Love & Prosperity Everyday

About Your Teachers

Robin & Michael Mastro are experts and educators of Vastu, an ancient Indian science that teaches you how to align mind, body, spirit, and environment with the forces of nature for personal fulfillment. Their book, Making Room for Mr. Right is yoga for relationships. It instructs women (and men) using nine action steps how to gracefully attract and sustain a fulfilling relationship. They have also co-authored two award-winning books, The Way of Vastu and Altars of Power and Grace. Their work has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world. In this course, they teach you techniques how to attract and experience love and true prosperity.
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