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EMF House or Car USB

The EMF House or Car USB Plug contains the same proprietary blend of paramagnetic material that neutralizes the effect of EMF’s on human DNA as The Whole House EMF Protection Plug with the added benefit of omitting radiation not only in your home, but also your car.

The EMF House or Car USB Plug can be used around the world and is compatible with homes or cars with USB outlets.

NOTE: This item does not work effectively plugged into your computer. It works by connecting to your home or car wiring only. 

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Medical Astrology Consultation via Email

You chart reveals tendencies toward certain types of illnesses – including Covid-19. Periods of stress or lowered vitality contribute to health issues, as well as indicate challenges in other areas of your life.

This written report will reveal the planetary periods, combinations and placements in your natal and transit charts that indicate specific psychological or physiological weaknesses to illuminate any potential set-up for disease.

Dietary and nutritional supplements, therapeutic support, and lifestyle changes will be suggested to optimize your health and well-being during this most challenging time.

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Altars of Power and Grace pdf

Create the Life You Desire

Winner of TEN national literary awards including Spirituality Book of the Year (USA Book News) and Self-Help Book of the Year (Coalition of Visionary Resources – COVR), Altars of Power and Grace brings you the power and beauty of altars using the sacred science of Vastu Shastra, India’s Feng Shui.

Enlightening and informative, this book is treasured by thousands around the world. With easy and concise instructions readers learn to maximize potential and attract Universal Support to enliven their surroundings while transforming their lives.

Learn how to create specific altars that fulfill your individual desires:

  • Love, Relationships, and Marriage
  • Abundance and Financial Prosperity
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Career Success and Recognition
  • Creativity and Spirituality

         and much more