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Products that enhance you ability to reduce stress within the environment, as well as within you and your family are essential today more than ever. Here are our current picks to optimally enhance your health, well-being and surroundings.

The products we add to our website are products we personally use and highly recommend to our clients and friends. These products will support your health and come from ethically run companies. We offer them to you because it is important to us to support you and your families good health.


~ Better Sleep ~

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Michael and I have both experienced neck and back pain from time to time and have looked diligently for a mattress and pillows that would help us fight the pain and get a better night’s rest. We are so happy to let you know we have found a great mattress and pillow through Level Sleep. We’re excited to share it with you RISK FREE! Free shipping and 110-Night “Better Sleep Guarantee” on all their products.

Clinical studies with a team of researchers at Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Center, led by Dr. Clete Kushida on both the mattress and pillow proved the benefits of the Level Sleep Mattress and pillow. Improvements in sleep and reduced pain you can experience for yourself!

Click on the link below and find out why this will be the last mattress you will ever need. PLUS, as our gift to you, you’ll get a 5% discount on your order through us when you add the coupon code below. We know from experience that you won’t regret this purchase at all.

What do you have to lose but reduced pain and better night’s sleep?

Here’s more information from the people at Level Sleep:

“After a decade of research, product development, clinical studies, and even an FDA clearance, we have introduced a series of products that have real science behind them and are clinically proven to improve sleep.

We created a mattress that is firm where you need it and soft where want it. It’s really not that complicated – our mattress supports your torso and thigh, and takes the pressure off of your shoulder and hip. We tested it, and here’s what our subjects reported — their clinical truth:

  • 60% increase in sleep satisfaction
  • 35 % reduction in tossing and turning
  • 57% reduction in pain
  • 54% reduction in stiffness (Morning Rating Scales)
  • 43% reduction in next day fatigue
  • 63% reduction in next day dysfunction

Our pillow positions your head and neck to open your airway and reduce snoring. We had it tested it at Stanford, and our subjects reported:

  • 78% reduction in the number of snoring events
  • 86% reduction in the duration of snoring events
At the end of the day, we really want to help improve your quality of life through good sleep.  COUPON CODE : VASTU-Q7JC 

EMF Products

There are over 1800 scientific studies that show electromagnetic energy creates health issues, mental fog affecting learning and behavior, as well as sleep disorders. If you have any of these symptoms, the products we offer will protect you and your loved ones the best of all the products that is on the market today. We have tested these products and use them ourselves.

Ayurvedic Health Products

Both Maharishi Ayurveda and Banyan Herbs offer the highest quality of Ayurvedic products available in the US. Below are two of our favorite products from these companies.

For other high quality products, click on their names below.

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