Level II- Practitioners Course

Level II- Practitioners Course - Theory and Techniques for Balancing Homes and Offices



If you are looking for cutting-edge information from an ethical, reliable source and wish to continue your training into the application of Vastu, Level II – Practitioners Training Course is for you. Level II is a twelve lesson course lead by two of the masters of Vastu Shastra worldwide, Michael and Robin Mastro. You will receive an accurate, comprehesive education in techniques, research, and tools from experts who make their living brining the best of Vastu to people around the world.

This course is preceded by Level I and both are prerequisites for the Level III Affiliate Certification weekend in Southern California.

Aseem J.
Jersey City, NJ
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Thank you for having this wonderful course level and having it available online. It was very helpful to learn more about Vastu. Am looking forward for the Level III.
Mohan J.
Houston, TX
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I have enjoyed the course and learned a lot.
Patricia R.
Guadalajara, MX
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The more I read, the more convinced I am of what a great science this is. I’m really grateful for your teachings.
Sandra S.
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada
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Thank you for this course, I am looking forward to the third level.
Sandy Young
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This is a very extensive training, with lots of details presented. Thank you so much for your knowledge!
Edith V.
Queluz, Portugal
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As an architect you allowed me to be more confident in my work. Thank you for this. I enjoyed listening to Michael who brings so much peace. I enjoyed listening to Robin for the joy that.
Joelle J.
San Rafael, CA
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The lessons are very valuable to me as I continue to absorb and apply the Vastu teachings, they are many layered and complex! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Michael and Robin, I love you guys so much!!!
Karen A.
Seattle, WA
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Best training ever! I learned a lot and realize that there is A LOT more for me to learn. What a fascinating science. Thank you!
Paul S.
Gitarama, Rwanda
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The course is made simple and easy to follow. The exercises were well chosen to enhance the understanding. I was particularly delighted to assess the correctness of my lot and house and suggest remedies as they apply. Many thanks to Michael and Robin for their gorgeous work!
Karin A.
Dallas, TX
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I loved learning all the material.This work seems to be a perfect fit for me as it includes spirituality, art, beauty, energy, and making a difference for people. I am so glad that you have developed this way to study Vastu
Kako O
Osaka, Japan
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Thank you very much for this wonderful course. Looking forward to the Level III course in person! New slogan: Everyone "has to" do Vastu!
Jelena T.
Lloret De Mar, Spain
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Very interesting and usefull course!!!

In the Practitioners Course: Theory and Techniques for Balancing Homes and Offices, you will learn about:

Schedule: Twelve lessons will be offered via web-based learning. There will be some homework assignments as part of Level II training which can be filled out online or scanned/emailed into the AIV offices. A quiz will be given at the end of each lesson before moving onto the next lesson.

Each lesson focuses on different qualities of Vastu learning:


Requirements: Level II – Practitioners Course: Theory and Techniques for Balancing Your Homes and Offices will be offered via web-based learning. In order to participate in the course, you will need the following: