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Altars of Power and Grace

Create the Life You Desire

Winner of TEN national literary awards including Spirituality Book of the Year (USA Book News) and Self-Help Book of the Year (Coalition of Visionary Resources – COVR), Altars of Power and Grace brings you the power and beauty of altars using the sacred science of Vastu Shastra, India’s Feng Shui.

Enlightening and informative, this book is treasured by thousands around the world. With easy and concise instructions readers learn to maximize potential and attract Universal Support to enliven their surroundings while transforming their lives.

Learn how to create specific altars that fulfill your individual desires:

  • Love, Relationships, and Marriage

  • Abundance and Financial Prosperity

  • Health and Well-Being

  • Career Success and Recognition

  • Creativity and Spirituality

Yearly Astrological Predictions Written via Email

Are you curious what this year has in store for you?

Transformational Jyotish Astrology reveals difficult planetary periods and challenges that everyone experiences from time to time.

You will Learn:

  • Guidance for planning when to and not to invest,

  • Indicators for saving and spending

  • When to avoid risks

  • Times to be more conscious about health, happiness, travel, success in business, and relationships.

  • Receive your predictions for the next year via e-mail 

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The Abundance Yantra

The ancient rishis spoke of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, peace, abundance, and harmony as the ultimate godsend.

The Shree Lakshmi Yantra enhances these qualities. Your entire family will feel Her blessings!

Mantra: Om Maha Lakshmaya Namaha