Making Room for Mr. Right takes you through nine action steps to reduce the stress in your mind, body, spirit, and environment so you attract a wonderful love relationship.

Making Room for Mr. Right offers powerful tools for the:

MIND: Eliminate the stress in your life that inhibits you from attracting, receiving, and sustaining a love relationship

BODY: Apply the energy of love through powerful techniques that deepen your appreciation of Self to help you attract happy and healthy relationships

SPIRIT: Take the journey from your mind to your heart…connect to the power of your spirit using ancient principles

ENVIRONMENT: Create sacred space within your home – the heart of your life

Bring the spirit of joy into dating and a love relationship! Discover the extraordinary power of ancient Vastu principals and techniques to attract your soulmate effortlessly and easily. These top Vastu experts, Robin & Michael Mastro, will give you love advice and show you how.

"My husband and I did a relationship altar together and wow! what a difference it has made in an already great marriage. Thanks so much for writing your them!!"

K. Sundby

"I can tell you the Full Moon Altar Ceremony worked.  I've been asked out 4 times in the last month.  The book is great!  It's amazing!  Guys are coming out of the woodwork."

V. Henning

"I have jump started my relationship to such a happy place.  And now with the baby on the way Jay and I have grins from ear to ear.  I can't thank you enough."

S. Davis

"By the way, I am in love - it is heaven, he is heaven..."

A. Schipper

"I was shocked by the power of the techniques in Making Room for Mr. Right! I had no desire at all to date . But I did do the steps... I started attracting men in a very welcoming way. I am now in a relationship with a special man and honestly attribute this to Robin and Michael's work!"

T. Hiller

"I have every book that the Mastro's have written. They know what they are talking about when it comes to Vastu - there is no one more expert in this field! If you are ready for love and romance, read this book and get ready for Mr. Right!"

L. Coffey

Rated 5 out of 5

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