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NAMA Special Offers

For participants of NAMA, Vastu Creation offers a Special Discount on the following consultation and two courses (see below).

Use code: NAMA24 and receive 20% off our regular prices.

This offer is good until June 20, 2024.

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The Vastu Consultation


Imagine living and working in a space that is infused with Divine energy and powered
by the frequency of nature!

Imagine your body being in total vibrational alignment with the elements and the Universe!

What might it be light to be so balanced, so in tune, that you are able to deeply connect to your own intuition and the guidance of Spirit?

This is the power of Vastu!

Vastu Shastra is a powerful ancient art that can help you transform your living space into a harmonious environment that supports your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Vastu is like yoga for your home or office. It helps you to eliminate the stress and anynegative energy that may be blocking your success, productivity, and overall health and vitality.

The reality is that there is so much happening in our world that is NOT within our control. So it’s vitally important that we do what we can to sustain and fortify our energy systems!

Your online analysis details specific findings and offers a comprehensive action plan to bring your home or workplace environment into proper Vastu alignment. The report you receive identifies the specific areas of imbalance that are causing disruption within your home or workspace and practical recommendations to remove any and all obstructions through recommended products that are sent to you via USPS.

The Online Vastu Consultation includes the following:

  • all products needed for your specific corrections sent via USPS
  • written instructions for placement of products
  • a video to assist in the placement of products

Medical Astrology Consultation via Email

You chart reveals tendencies toward certain types of illnesses – including Covid-19. Periods of stress or lowered vitality contribute to health issues, as well as indicate challenges in other areas of your life.

This written report will reveal the planetary periods, combinations and placements in your natal and transit charts that indicate specific psychological or physiological weaknesses to illuminate any potential set-up for disease.

Dietary and nutritional supplements, therapeutic support, and lifestyle changes will be suggested to optimize your health and well-being during this most challenging time.

Many of our astrology clients have requested personal time with Michael to ask questions about their reading. You can now add this option to any of your emailed readings for an additional $100. Contact Michael directly via email at to set up a time that works for you.

Astrology Reading

What if you could know exactly what to expect from the year ahead and meet every moment with confidence, clarity, and the support of the Divine Realm?

Imagine peering through the gateway to the enigmatic tapestry woven by the stars whichreveals the secrets of your destiny.

If you are a seeker of profound wisdom, it’s time to embark on this mystical journey, and
align your life to the transcendent currents of the universe!

You see, each soul is intricately interconnected with the cosmic symphony, and within the
planetary energies and celestial maps, lies a well-lit path to self-discovery and profound insight!

Now you can Discover the Cosmic Blueprint of Your Future with a One-Year Jyotish Astrological Reading delivered right to your inbox!

By tapping into the sacred knowledge of Jyotish astrology, you will find solace in understanding your unique purpose, learn what to expect
from the ebb and flow of life, and learn how to navigate the intricate interplay of destiny and free will month by month
If you…

  • Are in need of a deeper insight into your personal and professional lives and the opportunities and challenges you can expect this year…
  • Are ready to deepen your connection to Source and understand the cosmic influences that are at play in your life and affecting your results…
  • Would like to understand the relationships in your life and the astrological likelihood of relationships forming, dissolving, or changing this year…
  • Would like to understand the crucial role that timing plays and have crystal clarity on which months are best for making decisions, starting new projects or embarking on new journeys…
  • Would like to understand the crucial role that timing plays and have crystal clarity on which months are best for making decisions, starting new projects or embarking on new journeys…


Vedic Medical Astrology Certification Course

This pivotal, stand alone course contains powerful information to enhance your work and offer valuable information to your clients, friends and family. The course is self-paced via video and written material, with weekly optional live case studies and Q&A.

You will receive certification upon completion of the course (which includes required lessons and submitting all assignments) as a Vedic Medical Astrologer through the American Institute of Vastu & Astrology. The course is recommended for nutritional coaches, Ayurvedic practitioners, health coaches, life coaches, as well as anyone interested in being informed and empowered about health and healing.

The Transformational Vedic Medical Astrology Course provides you with:

The course is interactive and includes weekly live Zoom sessions with chart readings, case studies, and Q&A.

Become a trusted resource when others are dealing with health and medical challenges.

Level 1- The Art of Vastu Course

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and design that can help you to optimize your environment for the highest levels of well-being, prosperity, and success!

By learning the practice of Vastu Shastra you can:

And so much more!

And the best part? You don’t need to live in a luxurious home to benefit from Vastu Shastra, and you don’t need to remodel.

You will be amazed at the SIMPLE changes you can make for yourself or the people you love and serve and how FAST the results are
 felt in the body and soul!

For questions, email Michael at: