~ Personal and Business Coaching for Reshaping Your Relationships and Renewing Your Life with Robin ~


Robin’s Readings…

For over 30 years, Robin has worked with individuals and companies to establish personal and professional solutions that create positive change. Her unique take on coaching comes from an understanding of the underlying factors that affect the health of individuals and/or organizations. Her focus supports the process of change to rejuvenate, rebalance and refocus purpose and desire for success and well-being.

This change inevitably creates more harmony within individuals and/or companies to achieve their desired results. Robin’s business and intuitive consultations can be done in-person, on Skype, or phone. Robin can be reached at: robin@vastucreations.com or 206-604-6587.


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We invite you to take advantage of Robin’s readings. They will help smooth the karmic bumps in your life’s journey.

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