Mantra Pendants


In a sacred room, dimly lit by candlelight, you sit in quiet meditation.

Surrounding you on the walls and ceilings are sacred paintings and engravings…


Holy symbols representing the endless possibilities of Divine intervention.

You have come to this place with a prayer in your heart. And as you speak it, the vibrational sound of your voice and the frequency of your words fuses with the symbolic imagery around you…

And that’s when it happens.

The shift. The opening of the portal. The beginning of transmutation. The magnetizing of your deepest desires!

The Mantra Pendants were designed to act as wearable invitations for Divine support.

Formed from Bali Silver, which stems from a rich lineage dating as far back as 500 BC, Mantra Pendants were birthed from the desire to create powerful amulets that would infuse the body with sacred sound vibrations of specific intentions.

Each pendant contains a written mantra encapsulated with a yantra symbolic of the same frequency. When worn against bare skin, these pendants will, over time, create a harmonious field of energetic attraction of your specific desire. Whether it be a desire for love, abundance, career success, health and healing, or protection your Mantra Pendant will provide you with the magnetic attraction needed for the fulfillment of your desire.

Wear your Mantra Pendant on a chain as a necklace or bracelet and allow its beneficial energies to call forth your desire. If not desired to be worn, keep it in your pocket, your purse, attach it to your undergarments, or leave it on your bedside table to receive its blessings.


Mantras are a vibrational frequency. They are in the language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is one of the original, ancient root languages known to be over 10,000 years old. It is the only known language where sound and form are the same.

In this case, that energy is the manifestation of one of your desires. When the vibrational frequencies of the sound of a mantra are physically written and combined with the geometric symbol of the mantra (a yantra), a powerful energy is activated that aligns you to the frequency of your heartfelt desire.

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