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9 Planet Harmonizer (Consult)


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The 9 Planet Harmonizer is a unique tool that corrects up to 80% of the environmental defects within a home or office.  It should be placed in a location near the center of your home or office where it will not be disturbed.

Note: Please keep the 9 Planet Harmonizer away from children and animals to maintain harmony and wellbeing consistently throughout your space.

” It has been less than a month since I purchased the 9 Planet Harmonizer, and within that time I have experienced a positive shift within my financial and career situation, as well as my relationship with my spouse and family. I credit this transformation to the clarity I have felt as a result of the increased vitality and intuition the 9 Planet Harmonizer has brought to my life. I plan on purchasing another 9 Planet Harmonizer for my office. “
James B – Santa Clara CA