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The Full Moon Mantra embodies the fertile, feminine nature of cyclical changes and is the mantra that enlivens Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity, both material and spiritual.

The energy of the moon influences all aspects of your life. Our bodies are 80% liquid and that liquid is made up of the same composition as the water in the ocean.

As the moon builds to its fullness, it brings with it change and transformation. It is documented that there are more births and deaths during the days surrounding the full moon, as well as more accidents and earth changes.

The Full Moon Mantra mp.4 file is used to attract abundance and success into your life. Additionally, this mantra can be played as part of your Full Moon Altar ceremony to support you in connecting more deeply with material and spiritual blessings.

Instructions: Play this mp4 file on repeat (either audibly or by turning the volume low, 24/7) during the time of the full moon.

Vastu Creations Mantra Files by Michael Mastro and Robin Mastro


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