House Harmonizing Mantra Download


Balance the five elements in your home or workspace with the House Harmonizing Mantra mp4 file.
This mantra supports health, finances, relationship and career for your family or business.

Everything is vibration…but mantras are so moving and life-changing. They are sacred sounds that emit energetic frequencies. Mantras are often heard in the ancient root language of Sanskrit, which is thousands of years old and comes from India. In Sanskrit, sound and form are the same.

The power of this ancient language is that the sound of the words impact your physical environment in a positive way.

Not only that, but mantras have a calming, healing, and/or uplifting influence on your mind, body and emotions, as well. There are thousands of mantras, each with their own specific focus or intention.

These mantras are chanted by Vedic monks who have spent their lives in meditation and study of Vedic knowledge.

The House Harmonizing Mantra creates a vibration, or healing frequency, that purifies and restores the natural harmony between man-made dwellings, those that live or work within them, and Nature to support a better quality of life. Some of the benefits include:

  • improved health
  • feeling less stressed
  • enhanced opportunities
  • better relationships with others
  • restored focus, wellbeing, and peace

Instructions: Once ordered, you will receive an email from us with the file attached. Download the file onto your cell phone or computer.

The mantras recited on the Vastu Blessing create the vibration that restores the natural harmony between man-made environments and their occupants. The House Harmonizing Mantra brings you the benefits of health, wealth, and happiness.


Instructions: This file can be played 24/7 at low volume to reduce stress at home or at work.

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