Everyone of us holds an energetic grid that is influenced by the placement of the planets at the specific time of our birth. 

While we cannot change that placement, we CAN learn to work with the energetic codes that are in place and learn to ENHANCE our birth chart so that it is working for us, not against us…
So that it is ATTRACTING love, not repelling it!
You see, we use Jyotish astrology for our Yearly Love Forecast Astrology Reading. 

This is so much different from Western Astrology.

Jyotish is the oldest form of astrology on the planet and comes from a body of knowledge from India called The Vedas. The word Jyotish means “light.”
When you get a Jyotish Yearly Love Forecast Astrology Reading, the light is turned on! It literally illuminates the entire character of a person, their strengths and weaknesses, their innate passions and codes, as well as future events around health, family, relationships, career, and more.
It is a guide to your happiness and how to express the love that you are so that you can magnetize that same frequency of love back to yourself.

Think of it as becoming a lighthouse that is finally shining and able to be found by passing ships!

Jyotish Astrology is a much more accurate and precise representation of who you are and where you are heading in the future.

 In your Yearly Love Forecast Astrology Reading, which will be sent to you via email, will you find out:
* how to enhance your chart for LOVE
* learn what’s in store for you in the future
* receive specific times, actions, mantras, yantras, colors and scents to use to attract more love in your life!
Order yours today!
Many of our Vastu clients have requested personal time with Michael to ask questions about their reading. You can now add this option to any of your emailed readings for an additional $100. Contact Michael directly via email at to set up a time that works for you.