MANTRA PENDANT ~ for Success in Business and Career ~



You were born to carry out a Divine purpose. Your work is the tangible expression of this and the way in which you act as a bridge between worlds.

But sometimes the path is cloudy. The steps are unclear. The work feels heavy. If this is happening, it is often a sign that you have taken a turn AWAY from the work you were actually born to do.

As you come into alignment with the correct path in your career, the light comes on. The path clears. The tasks before you are obvious, simple and a natural extension of who you are!

This wearable pendant contains the specific Sanskrit blessing and corresponding yantra to support your success in business and career.

You are worthy of success.

To call forth alignment and success, the choice is yours…

Before shipping to you, a Sacred Puja Ceremony is performed on your Mantra Pendant to enliven the Forces of Nature for an extra boost of positive cosmic energy.

Size: l inch by ¼ inch
Designed for us in Bali and made of Bali Silver