Sacred Puja Ceremonies – 30 Days of Blessings for You and Your Family


What is a Puja ceremony?
The word “pūjā” is Sanskrit and means reverence, honour, homage, adoration and worship. Puja, the loving offering of light, flowers, and water or food to the divine, is a blessing to bring your heartfelt desires into fruition.


Why is Puja performed?
Puja is for the fulfillment of human desires, wants, freedom from sufferings, for off-springs, for marriage, rise in status and position, for health, wealth, and other desires. Pujas are meant to support us in focusing on the divine that lives within all beings, of purifying and aligning our thoughts and desires with our highest good.
Sacred Puja Ceremonies Performed for You by Michael…
puja performed by Michael for you and/or your family can be for a specific purpose, or simply as an act of devotion. Michael has been doing daily puja to support people around the world for over 50 years. His sincere desire is to be of service to humanity and to make available his deep connection with the divine forces that support your success and happiness.


These monthly blessings are offered for all those who wish to support any of these following concerns: 
  • health issues
  • financial issues
  • career issues
  • support for finding a great job
  • support your life purpose
  • relationship issues
  • attracting a mate
  • legal issues
  • support for conceiving a child
  • assistance with spiritual progress
  • happiness and peace of mind
  • assistance selling a house or business
  • to improve business success
  • and more…
Here is what people are saying:
I had Michael doing pujas for 3 months and it improved the profits of my clothing store by 50%.
Bill C – Tacoma WA
Michael did pujas to help me sell my house which was on the market for over a year and it sold the next month. I am very grateful for his support.
Jill H – Atlanta Georgia
I was trying for a job for months and after having Michael do pujas for me I found a great job the next month.
Sarita J – San Jose CA
One of the things I asked for was friends and better communications. Since beginning the Sacred Puja Ceremony with you over the last month, out of nowhere, friends from the past have contacted me and renewed our relationships. The same thing has happened for my daughter. Thank you for offering this for all of us. it really does help when someone is praying for us. I really appreciate all your support and I would like to continue monthly.
Olga J – McKinney, TX
Your blessings have been a boon! In eternal gratitude.
Sarita G – San Jose, CA
The Power of Prayer
Discover how sacred sounds and ceremony from an ancient tradition brings grace and support to people during uncertain times.

Prayer influences our state of mind and well-being. Scientific research documents its positive effect on human health and our ability to be at peace and live productive lives.

Prayer as a way to connect to the divine residing within is widely accepted among religious and spiritual traditions worldwide. It is a devotion and can also be a plea for help. Prayer and meditation change brain function, calm the mind, help us sleep better, and shift our perspectives on how we think and feel about the world.