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The Empower & Protect Package



The Empower & Protect Package includes of three of our best selling power and protection items. Together, they supercharge your daily spiritual practices and more!

The Empower & Protect Package consists of the Keystone, a powerful protection device, the Sandlewood Mantra Bead Necklace, and the Power Mantra Mp3 download.

Use the Keystone in sacred ceremony to ignite your altar. Use your Mantra Bead Necklace to chant along with the Power Mantra sitting in front of your altar. The necklace assists you to stay on track chanting the mantra 108 times (this process is called japa). Sandalwood holds the vibratory frequency of the mantra so you can wear your necklace throughout the day knowing the mantras vibrations are surrounding you with their blessings.