The Keystone (Consult)


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This ancient Vedic design was configured thousands of years ago and is the most powerful symbol in the Universe. Used properly, it guarantees protection and positive results in all undertakings. It is the most auspicious symbol known to humanity.

The Keystone is hand-carved in carefully chosen marble that contains the highest crystal content allowing it to embody your personal aspirations and intentions. The design of this symbol has been created for very specific purposes. An ancient ceremony of preparation has been performed, charging it to add to its potency.

The Keystone is used to protect your family, as an ignition device for your home or office altar, and to correct lot shape and slope when advised by a Vastu consultant.

As personal protection for you and your loved ones, The Keystone can be used as a guardian to care for the members of your household. When carried by an adult in a pocket or purse (it is too powerful to be carried by children) it emanates a frequency maintaining protection and safeguarding those you hold dear.

Note: This product may vary in appearance due to being hand stamped. It may contain slight imperfections which add to the uniqueness of each piece. These imperfections do not impact the potency of its energetic qualities.

After after adding the keystone to my altar I noticed more support for my health and better sleep.
Rebecca N Charlotte – NC